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Vent... H's coworkers are assholes

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HFSSC posted 8/15/2013 20:56 PM

I've always known this.

But tonight I am close to going nuclear because JM is working his butt off on a double shift instead of being home with his family and grieving for his grandmother.

Why?!? Because his boss is on vacation this week and no one else is willing to step up and take the shift so JM could take the bereavement leave to which he is entitled. Because school is starting back and football season is starting and his crew has to run 2 special issues of the university newspaper tonight. And none of the sorry assholes who know how to do JM's job could be bothered to help a man out. And when he has tried to teach the others on his crew so they could fill in, he was told "I'm not interested ."

I am absolutely fuming right now.

sullymeishadomi posted 8/15/2013 21:45 PM

((JM)) I so understand. I bet if the tables were turned they wouldnt even show up bc it was their right

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