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He's spending weekend

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strawblond30 posted 8/17/2013 17:02 PM

My Ex has been out house 2 weeks and next weekend spending weekend at a wine trail doing a race with another woman. In 20 years we have never spent weekend alone and he knows I'm so into winery and things . I'm crying

nowiknow23 posted 8/17/2013 17:41 PM


devistatedmom posted 8/17/2013 18:01 PM

Hugs to you. I know it will be a rough weekend for you, just do what you need to do to look after you.


AppleBlossom posted 8/17/2013 20:55 PM

Oh Strawblond, that seems a little thoughtless at best, and cruel at worst. It says something when they cant even find something original to do.

Just get through the weekend as best you can, treat yourself and at the end of it you will know that you can survive,

hugs to you.

whatamidoing posted 8/17/2013 21:15 PM

I can't stop the mind movies of them in my bed and them at my restaurant and them on my boat with my son
And his knowing how I must be feeling and doing it anyway
What kind of monster can do this?
My daughter didn't go with them
She is 17 and she was home till today and now I am freaking
OW knows WH is telling me they are done but she is so easy that she opens her legs when he says oops
I have been holding out for real effort and remorse and thatis too hard for him
This web site has been saving my sanity for almost a year

whatamidoing posted 8/17/2013 21:16 PM

Oops sorry typing onmy phone and pressed reply to wrong topic

jo2love posted 8/17/2013 21:28 PM


tesla posted 8/17/2013 21:33 PM


strawblond30 posted 8/18/2013 02:27 AM

Am I wrong to be upset , is it perfectly ok that he is doing this? Am I a cry baby ?

click4it posted 8/18/2013 03:41 AM


No, you are not wrong to be upset and no you are not a crybaby. You are feeling your feelings. Is he right to do this? Well, to him its ok and to you its not. You are separated? and if figures, why not. Of course it doesn't seem right, why would it? But the point is that you are hurt and feeling the pain and you have every right to your feelings. I'm really sorry you are going through this.

homewrecked2011 posted 8/18/2013 07:59 AM

I hate when I hear about all my XWH is doing. I am NC as much as possible and NC=No new hurts.

You asked if you were wrong to feel this way. A normal man would not drag his wife thru what yours has done to you.

So many people on here say that false R are the hardest to take, or R that are going well and then they find someone else.

On the forums, there is a topic titled "I Can Relate". There is a section for Spouses of Sex Addicts. Please check out that category so many people's story on that heading are like yours.

You have been thru alot. All that your H has done to you is emotional abuse. Please see a counselor-- our domestic violence center sees my children and I for counseling for $1.00 a visit. (and emotional abuse IS domestic violence). THe counselors at a place like this have heard stories like yours over and over,,, in fact, my counselor there was married to a Sex Addict like your h. When she finally broke free is when she went back to school and now helps other women thru the chaos that their lives have become.


homewrecked2011 posted 8/18/2013 08:11 AM

I have a hard time concentrating, but if you can download/ or check out from the library a book called Love Must Be Tough. It addresses the same stuff you've been thru. Just the first 2 chapters got me to change my actions and fast! It's totally the opposite of loving your spouse so much that you get steamrolled. IT is a quick, easy read with out many words on a page -- the author must have known that reading overwhelmes us!

Someone else on this site read a book called "How high will you jump" and overnight you could literally see how he turned the whole tide of his WWs affair with his boss.

It sounds like your WS is a serial cheater and even Dr. Laura says they can't be fixed, to run for your life.

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gek9742000 posted 8/19/2013 20:30 PM

Ugh! I am in the same boat. Ex is out doing stuff with OW that he never did with me. He was too busy complaining about how horrible I was and lazy I was and miserable I made him. I just wish I could skip past the next six months and be over this grief already.

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