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ffs i've never met you and i detest you

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Unagie posted 8/17/2013 18:28 PM

So I've been working from home for about a month it's been a month sweet. Anyway we are still in training, now let me explain for those who have never worked and trained from home how it goes. The company send you a computer, on this computer are all the programs you will use to help your customers. You take calls on your landline phone so there better be a good package on it and you're customer service. Now I'm working for one of the major cell phone companies and there is A LOT to learn. So your first 4 weeks are learning the programs in an online classroom setting. There is a chat area, sometimes your given a mic to speak and answer questions and it can become very social. So 4 weeks of classroom then you are put on 1 week of phone calls. You are not on the phone all day but for about 4-5 hours and the rest of the time you are going over where you are having problems during phone calls. After that week we are back in classroom training for 2 weeks and then we go into production as an official call agent.

Okay so I'm enjoying it but now one woman there who I liked initially has been getting on my last nerve as of It was little things at first, her attitude, the way she spoke, the fact that she always interrupted things but whatevs. Now sometimes we get to do what they call a mock call with our trainer. They act like a customer and we are the agent. We can share our screens so everyone can see what we are doing and how we get there. So she gets picked to do a mock call and her internet drops, they choose me to replace her. This was my first mock call as I never got picked and I was excited. I start it off and about 1 minute in she gets her connection back and they drop me and put her back in the hot seat. Okay fine, I'll watch. Now when we began doing mock calls the trainer would help us but at the point we were at when this happened the trainer wanted us to not break character and use the room for support like we will during an actual call. This woman told the trainer "okay time out" about 6-7 times like we were playing a game. She came into the room for every step and we basically fed her how to do the process. Funny thing she used to work for the company years ago. Fine changes have been made but even the programs she says she remembers she didn't know how to work... She rudely interrupts a few times while people are speaking and at this point her attitude has my back up. So during our 1 week of calls she kept stepping out of the room when she finished a stressful call....I was like are you kidding me!? We are all stressed, come on.

This brings me to today, I've had a bad week with my personal life so while working I would enjoy myself. Sometimes we have to do group projects and present them. I got placed in a group with her today to do 2 projects. My group kept falling behind because no one knew where to go. Out of the 5 of us 3 of us did the bulk of the work and this woman was not one of them. She kept getting lost and asking for help with where she should go to look up certain info. I just about lost it but kept it togther and for the 1st presentation we were the last to go so we did well because of the extra time. Second presentation we were the first. We had all the info but no one knew who was presenting what. First person starts talking stutters and stops asking for help. I jump in and finish her part, wait for someone else to jump in and silence. I do the next 3 parts of the presentation because anytime I paused to let someone do the next section there would be silence. I get to the last portion and more silence greets me so I start that part and she interrupts me saying"yes excuse me I'm doing this part, thank you!"

I was a bit taken aback and just let it slide off. I messaged my group members apologizing if they felt I had taken over the presentation and was told no I did a great job and thanks for helping them because they had gotten stuck. She messages me back that I am overbearing and I have to learn to let others do things and present and speak. I sat there like are you kidding me!? Everytime I gave a chance for someone to speak there was silence that became uncomfortable. I breathed and apologized for making her feel that way and lucky we were logging off for the day. She never responded again and I almost blew my top. She has annoyed others as well but oh i was so close to just cracking.

I hope she's not on my team when we are official agents.

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