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Make sure you check those blocks periodically

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UndecidedinMA posted 8/18/2013 12:29 PM

We had OW blocked on all our communications or so we thought.

We were sadly reminded that not all are permanent when crazy called almost 6 times last night.

We had to reblock with Comcast, since it came off in our move somehow.

Apparently some cell providers have a time limit, this case 1 yr. You then have to reblock the party.

We had a fun hour while we recitified this. So just remember to check on them periodically. Don't let crazy back in

movingforward13 posted 8/19/2013 12:46 PM

Thanks for the reminder. Way does DBC mean in your siggy?

Want2help posted 8/19/2013 14:48 PM

Ugh, the worst part is she is wondering if she thinks she was purposely unblocked for a reason?

TxsT posted 8/19/2013 14:50 PM

Oh god I bet she horrible. Can't she just get a LIFE and stop trying to take someone else's?????


Must Survive posted 8/19/2013 14:53 PM

FYI, I have Verizon cell phone service, my blocked numbers only last 90 days.

I found out the hard way last week.

I now have a reminder in my calendar for every 90 days to reblock.

BetrayalHurts posted 8/20/2013 12:51 PM

The problem with blocking is that all the OP needs to do is to "restrict" their number by using the *67 feature and they can call all they want

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movingforward13 posted 8/20/2013 16:08 PM

Does is mean Dirty B!tch C***?

tryin2havefaith posted 8/20/2013 19:13 PM

We changed all the numbers. Put the cell numbers under my maiden name. Solved the problem pretty quickly.

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