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My vent to WH and OW (warning-lots of bad language)

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sunshine226 posted 8/18/2013 18:08 PM

You stupid fucking son of a bitch, you think I dont know what you are doing but I do, you think that by closing our bank account last fall stopped me from seeing what you are spending your money on, well I got some fucking news for you. I know your card number and I can see EXACTLY what you spend it on!!!! You tell me you are coming back to me and that you wish this didnt happen????? Sure as hell doesnt appear that way with what you spend your money on, taking your whore and her son to a water park, treating them to meals, shopping and all that other fucking stuff, you are nothing but a lying son of a bitch. I called your fucking whore in January and told her we were still together, that you and I still have sex when you come in here, you know I did it and the stupid fucking cow lied to you and told you I said that I told her I would take you back and then dump you and you end up with noone.

I told you I never said that to her, and you agreed that she was lying, I told you other stuff she had told me and it was all bullshit, so you say. But then again, she was telling me stuff that was way out of character for you, so I believed YOU. But more and more, I feel that I dont even know who you are anymore. That stupid slut believes you when you told her we dont have sex, she believes you when you told her you slept on the sofa when you have been here

I am so fucking mad at you right now, I could scream. You text me late on Friday night (it was really Saturday morning) to ask if I was still up, I was asleep and missed it so I text you later and asked what's up, but all you give me is fucking crickets because you are on a family adventure with the slut and her son, while you have abandoned your own biological children and have a grandson who is almost 6 months old and you have never seen. And if DS has anything to say about it you probably never will.

You asked me a few months ago to post some pics on DD's facebook, you dont even know how to use a computer and dont have an account, but your home wrecking slut does and this is how you would have had to see pics, not a chance in hell of that happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your fucking whore can have you and she can fucking take you for everything you will have left by the time I am done with you. You damn asshole, I gave you 24 years of my life, I gave you almost 2 years to end it with that bitch. She is a liar, manipulative and a user, you have lost everything for what??????? Whatever financial gain you will get from being with her will NEVER make up for what you have lost, NEVER

I hate you for destroying our family, for destorying our life, you will regret this for the rest of your miserable fucking life

soveryweary posted 8/18/2013 19:05 PM

BRAVO Sunshine.
He will have a miserable f-ing life.
The one thing that helps me through the rough times is knowing my kids don't think I am a piece of shit like they know and think he is.

StrongerOne posted 8/18/2013 20:20 PM

That is one awesome f'n vent.

UKgirl posted 8/19/2013 06:44 AM

Great rant!! Get it out, sunshine, vent all you like. It's therapy.

He's a pathetic POS and you are AWESOME!

sunshine226 posted 8/19/2013 10:34 AM

I hate you so much for what you have done to our family, you selfish prick

You continue to think I will be keep waiting for you, to finally come to your senses and leave and come home, but guess what, I AM FUCKING DONE!

That stupid whore can have you and you can go on living your lies and know that you will never ever have a relationship with your biological children ever again, and I had nothing to do with that, they are old enough to know the truth and they are old enough to choose to have a relationship or not

Your slut will never be welcome at some of our friends houses, 2 couples I know what absolutely nothing to do with her, regardless of what our outcome is.

And as for your fucking brother and his wife that live in another province, that have added her of FB, that will be coming home for a visit this week, well hope they meet your bitch and pretend to be friends just like they do with everyone else. They are two-faced and they will pretend to like her and then talk about her behind her back, just like they have done with me and your other's brothers wives.

No one to have anything to do with her, they only tolerate her because of you, I know that, they tell me they dont like her, but for some reason you do, and everyone says its all because of the money she claims to have

Wow, you traded everything we worked so hard for and abandoned your family and friends all for some possible pay off. She has money alright, that's why you are paying her bills and paying for the "family" outings you go on with her and her son, a son whose own biological father has nothing to do with

She wanted a daddy for him, she wanted a man to take care of her and you were the lucky victim

Now tell me this you bastard, what the hell was a woman doing at a bar on a Tuesday night while her 8 year old son was home, on a school night. Trolling for her next victim and she set her sights on you!!!!!!!!!!!

She fed your ego and within a few months was promising you half of the money she would get from a settlement she was going to get from her suing her company for an accident she had on the job. Now who the hell does that? She has 2 kids and was promising a man she hardly knew half the money, she fucking sucked you in and you fell for it. She is a fucking liar and she proves it over and over again and you stay, you are such an idiot!!!!!!!!!

You dont deserve the life you have destroyed, you dont deserve me, our children, our grandson, our house, our truck, our boats, our everything.........go buy it all again out of her money,


confused615 posted 8/19/2013 10:54 AM



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