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Crazy ass morning

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betrayedfriend posted 8/19/2013 08:21 AM

So my day started off at the bright and obnoxiously early hour of midnight... When DD21 months woke up screaming, with a nasty blowout, and vomiting. Took over an hour to get it all cleaned up and able to get her back down to bed. Poor kid was miserable, so I let the older two sleep later (7 am vs 5:45 am) Managed to get them up, dressed, with teeth brushed and hair combed by 7:26 am so they were able to call dh and say good morning to him before I tossed $2.00 at them and took them to the bus stop since they were ready and the baby was still asleep. Decided to take our obnoxiously friendly and huge german shepard/labrador with us, since he and the beagle basset and our cocker spaniel will bark their fool heads off and I didn't want them to wake up the baby. While we were waiting for the bus (which was 10 minutes late) The dang Mutt decided to pee on a light post, except he didn't just pee on the light post, he peed on my foot too, which the girls thought was hilarious. Me, not so much. Then two obnoxious teenagers walked by and started cussing about my *damn dog* and how it had better'd stay away from them... I just told my girls to ignore it, and that they must not have been able to see that he was on a leash and much more interested in being out of his yard to care about the teenagers or what they were doing. DD8 and DD7 were torqued and wanted to tell them that the Mutt is friendly and it's not nice to say things like that! LOL, by that time it was close to 7:45 and our bus is supposed to arrive at 7:33, so we figured that we had missed it and turned around and started to walk back to the house, when the bus finally showed up. The kids ran and got on the bus, while the Mutt tried to follow them, I got him turned around, we walked back home, with one shoe squishing and me trying not to trip over his behemoth behind. Got in the house, let the beagle basset and the cocker spaniel out of my room, washed my foot and shoe, changed my pants, and somehow DD21 months is still asleep. How was your morning?

lieshurt posted 8/19/2013 08:58 AM

How was your morning?

Not much better than yours. Somehow, I managed to screw up making my coffee this morning, so I had to make another pot. I still didn't get it right....oy.

imagoodwitch posted 8/19/2013 09:09 AM

You had coffee?

I left my travel mug on the counter at home!

DragnHeart posted 8/19/2013 09:20 AM

Not much better than yours. Somehow, I managed to screw up making my coffee this morning, so I had to make another pot. I still didn't get it right....oy.

Mornings like that I go back to bed Had the pot overflow once. What. A. Mess!!!

So far not a bad morning actually.

Kids behaving (other than the occasional spat over the same toy and dd wanting ice cream for breakfast...)

Wh off to work. That was a bit weird. Forgot he had to get gas, left at usual time instead of a bit early so he was freaking he'd be late, which he wasn't (he always arrives early anyways so he had time).

Actually ate breakfast, but that was because I didn't want an upset stomach from taking meds for my knee which is aching horribly.

Undefinabl3 posted 8/19/2013 09:30 AM

How was your morning?

I am on the bandwagon of "mondays are the shit day of the week"

My normal witching hour is 4:45am, I have to get ALL my stuff taken care of before the kids wake up or i am screwed trying to run around and catch them.

So, by 5:45 i am showered, dressed, make uped, feed, teeth brushed, lunch packed, car packed.....

Except today. I got half dressed, only to realize that the other half was in the washer (not dryer), so I scrammbled to put them in the dryer so i had a bra and shirt.

Then, at some point the power flickered, and changed my digital clock for an everytime I looked at it, i had plenty of time - until I didnt.

I got the kids woke up by literally putting them in the tub. We didnt have time for baths last night, and bearly any time this morning...

Thankfully though they were cool about it, didnt make much of a fuss and we were out the door on time.

DH is off today, so of course every time I passed the bedroom door I wanted to bust the door down and be like "YOU BASTARD DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO JUST LEAVE YOU SLEEPING WHILE I HAUL ASS TO GET SHIT DONE SO I AM NOT LATE TO WORK"....but that's probably the PMS talking, so I left him alone to sleep...

he better fucking know how much I love him

metamorphisis posted 8/19/2013 09:37 AM

I had a similarly crazy morning on Friday I think. It's blurry. Don't even try to get anything done for the next 20 minutes. Sit and recenter yourself. Trust me. Because you are worked up, you're going to fly around like mad trying to get things done and mess up 25 other things. Just sit down, ignore the texts rolling in (because everyone you know has a problem for you to solve right now) and breathe. All the chaos will still be there in 20 minutes but this may save you from becoming homicidal

Pentup posted 8/19/2013 09:51 AM

You leave the toddler (21 months) the house alone while you take the others to the bus? Or is someone there?

betrayedfriend posted 8/19/2013 10:33 AM

the toddler can not get out of her bed (she's in a crib on the lowest setting) she's asleep and the animals are not able to go n her room, the bus stop is literally 3 houses away from my house, the windows are open and I would have been able to hear her if she had woken up. So no, no one else was home, but she was perfectly safe.

Believe me, I did just sit still and breathe for a little while, feeling much more centered now. And the baby is still asleep :)

JustDone posted 8/19/2013 12:17 PM

DD got out of the hospital at 10 am, so it's much better now.

Skan posted 8/19/2013 21:26 PM

Well, while trying to find an ICE number on the cell phone that was left in front of the church I work at, I managed to open the message logs and promptly found a reference that the owner, "K" had responded to a text asking where he was by texting back "Got 38 and am at church."

Yep, turned that sucker into the police "just in case." Found a stolen drill set thrown into our foliage as well, so turned that over to the police too. Just another Monday at the Church of WTF is Happening Now!

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