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only exception

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huRtZ413 posted 8/19/2013 11:54 AM

So I have lived a life of this ^^^^
I thought i was the exception of everything . what happened to other can happen to me but didn't .

I met my first love and he loved me
I lost my virginity to my first love and didn't regret it and he didn't leave me after.
I maintained a long distance relationship and thrived.
I married my first love .
I had kids with my first and only love in my life time.
while everyone around me were breaking up or cheating or regretted their choice to marry second bests i married my top choice .
while some girls married for security I married cause i was crazy about my husband and he was the finest man ive ever met .
After two kids i got my body back without marks on my body while my sisters could never get to where they wanted and are insecure about the scars left on theirs.

so on the outside since nobody knows whats going on and because we are doing great so far we look perfect.

- my husbands eyes don't wonder ( not that they ever did , he never was the one to chase women chased him and he knew it)
- he is attentive and in-tuned to my wants
-hes thoughtful
- he opens my doors
- he is affectionate both in public and private
- he makes sure I get what i want
-he wants everyone to know he takes care of me
- he plays with our kids
- he now shows interest in things that interest me
- me smothers me with hugs in the night
- he makes my breakfast
- he washes my body in the shower
- he takes my outside to talk about us
and i could go on

everyone that see us sees this my sisters are jealous cause they cant find someone that will do all this and haven't had a relationship last as long as mine. they never had a man want all the thing my husbands wants to me .(as he tells me and them if he could afford it id be showered in jewelry , all the clothing i wanted the car i wanted the house i wanted the life i wanted ) friends are jealous cause he is" FINE" the broad shoulders muscular arms chiseled face, big lips, great tats, hard worker.

but he cheated and nobody knows that.

even then there are still exceptions

- he confessed
-"he didn't finish because the guilt was unbearable"
-he took responsibility
- he never wants to see her again(not that he could he doesn't know her)
-he didn't love her and there is no questioning that
- he kicked her out
- he's never TT
-he's let me take the lead
- hes cried for me
- he comes through on his word
- he is transparent (i never asked him to be)he takes it into his own hand to show me everything
- he texts regularly to remind me how grateful he is to still have me and how he wont ever take me for granted again.
-he wants to focus on my career so that he knows my choice to stay is a true one
- he says he will support me and pay everything rent bills food if i choose to leave cause he doesn't want me to feel trapped

but he still cheated.

i know many BS could only wish their WS would be this way cause truly WH is great but some parts of me thinks why does he have to be so amazing ! he did a horrible thing so he should be a horrible person .

Can it be he isn't the devil?
can it be that he is person a good person that made a bad choice?
can it be that he is the person that learns from mistakes and he isn't a cheater at heart?

is he the exception?

Newlease posted 8/19/2013 14:09 PM

He may very well be a superior man who slipped and made a mistake. Is he willing to look into why he thought it was ok to cheat? If he wasn't drunk, what was the motivation? And what will he be willing to do to make sure it never happens again?

You don't have to forgive him right away. You don't have to forgive him at all.

Is it better to have a man who seems perfect in every other way, but "oops" he cheats; or to have someone with more flaws but who would never cheat.

I have no answers for you, but just some things for you to think about.


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