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Pension & Qdro?

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Must Survive posted 8/19/2013 13:44 PM

I am trying to understand how the pension for my STBXH works. Tomorrow is court.

I am 10 years older than STBXH. If I understand the pension, I can't collect until he is retirement age. That won't do me much good. And if he dies, it looks like I get nothing.

Anyone know where to get more info?

Grace and Flowers posted 8/19/2013 15:20 PM

Yes, every pension is different, and your lawyer should have been in touch with the plan administrator to do a QDRO.

In my case, the pension was split in half. When you do a QDRO, you are able to remove your portion with no PENALTY...just taxes. Or, you can reinvest it into a 401k and of course pay no taxes.

But it is the pension/plan administrator whom has all this info, and it should be going to your lawyer to handle. A QDRO can only be done AFTER the D is final. So if you are going to court tomorrow to finalize your D, this should NOT be of it. Please make sure you don't sign away your rights to something you are entitled to!

Good luck.

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