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Will I Ever Get My Life Back?

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plainpain posted 8/20/2013 19:34 PM

I know other people have said it, but since my H confessed his A I feel like our entire lives together have been a lie. I can't look at pictures of our wedding, our honeymoon, our children, family holidays.. none of it. I can't talk about things we used to do, places we used to go. All the memories feel poisoned.

It's only been about four months, but I'm just wondering if this will change. We are in R; my H is working overtime to fix what was broken in him and to make it right in whatever way he possibly can. Will I ever be able to reclaim those memories, or are they just going to stay lost to me forever?

MovingUpward posted 8/20/2013 19:59 PM

The answer you seek is an unknown. It will be based on both the work you put into healing and the marriage as well as your spouse putting into healing and marriage. It is possible to reclaim those memories, but it will take time and work.

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