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And my world has officially blown up...

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AlwaysBeenStrong posted 8/20/2013 20:19 PM

Since the actual affair confession, I had gone back to school, have done very well, made the Dean's list and going for nursing, which is not an easy career path to take. It's been a year and it's what has kept me sane. Considering I had been filled with lies of trying and going to MC to "fix" us and never fulfilling his side of deal.

Today was the first day of class and I was told that I was not approved for my student loan due to his lack of paying the bills for the last 6 months.

I am currently unemployed, I do odd and end cleaning jobs to pay a few bills and to have some cash in my pocket, and the promise from the jackass to support me all during the years to finish school, so no divorce until I am done, need insurance to even get into the field and he has very good insurance, except for the lack of accepting counseling.

I had made an appointment with my IC and I cannot afford the copay.

I really feel like my world has officially shattered. The only thing I had looking bright for my future was my schooling. And the jackass, has yet fucked me again out of what was supposed to be my own future, since he shattered our future when he left.

No strength here atm...and so tired of crying.

lieshurt posted 8/20/2013 20:24 PM

I'm so sorry ABS. I wish there was something I could do to help.

Sending you big hugs ((((ABS))))

Pentup posted 8/20/2013 21:54 PM

Can you speak to the Dean or someone to get a waiver of some sort? Do not give up yet.

LadyQ posted 8/20/2013 22:41 PM

And make sure you apply for scholarships and grants. It's like free money.

Sorry things seem so dark.

CharlieFoxtrot posted 8/20/2013 22:52 PM

I went through nursing school on a pell grant, thru the financial aid dept. I got a job after the first semester as a nurse extern in the trauma icu, and it paid well while I learned more of *real* nursing. Keep in mind that the service you are looking to provide your community is a great one, and asking for help to make that happen is okay. I graduated with honors, if I can do it, you can too. (((AlwaysBeenStrong)))

newlysingle posted 8/20/2013 23:34 PM

My heart breaks for you. What an asshat. Does financial aid have any other options for you? If I was rich, I'd pay for it and I'm not kidding. I'm so angry for you.

PurpleRose posted 8/20/2013 23:55 PM

That is just cruel. I have to agree with the others- DO NOT GIVE UP!!

Do not let him take this from you too. You CAN do this, you just have to find the way. Go talk to the dean or counselor to find out what your options are!

click4it posted 8/21/2013 00:02 AM


I know this is no words of comfort now, but there is a light at the end of this dark tunnel. You will get to continue your Nursing degree, some how, some way, you WILL. See if you can get some counseling with someone who will at least do a sliding scale or for free.

Ditto to what others have said not give up.

((((hugs again))))

Nature_Girl posted 8/21/2013 00:32 AM

AlwaysBeenStrong posted 8/21/2013 09:04 AM

Thank you everyone. I did go to the school, they only gave me if's. Buy all your books, and if it doesn't go through by this day, you will have to drop all your classes and of course, be out of all the money I put into the books and the 2 weeks of going.

I called him yesterday and told him he has to pay this semester's tuition, there's no and's, if's or but's about it. Only excuses of I don't know how I can come up with that much money.

Then the fucker gives me a boo hoo story of how much he loves me and it's so hard for him. YOU LEFT, not me!

The only thing I keep saying to myself is the line in Forrest Gump, where Jenny and Forrest are in the fields. "Dear God, make me a bird so I can fly far far away"

rainagain posted 8/21/2013 18:42 PM

Do you have a relative that would cosign for the loan? Could you go part time? I'm so sorry but don't give up even if it doesn't happen for this semester how you planned for it.

You won't lose your admittance to the program though right? Regular college you could keep it for up to a year. Is the nursing program different?

I was denied the parent plus loan for my kids due to bad credit b/c of late payments (xwh wouldn't pay child support for a long time and bailed on helping with college) but my kids were allowed an increase on their federal loans then. Maybe this applies to you?

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sparklezombie posted 8/21/2013 18:52 PM

Can you get your cna or pca certification and work in the care field and then get the loans to finish? That really sucks that's he's done this you, don't let it keep you from finishing

LifeIsBroken posted 8/21/2013 20:22 PM

You don't indicate where you are in the D process; whether D has been filed and how long ago? Or are you separated, not divorced? If you have not gone to court with the D, be sure to bring this up when you do: "I have spent one year in school, I'm earning excellent grades (have the grades with you), jerk said he would pay for my schooling (do you have this in writing in a text or some other form of communication? If you do, keep it for court) then I learn he didn't pay anything, thus destroying our credit and I will not be approved for a student loan. Thus, I cannot support myself in a professional manner; instead, I'm cleaning houses when I can." Do NOT give up on RN school. You are among the best of the best or you wouldn't have been accepted. RN schools are able to be very selective in whom they admit. Talk with every admissions counselor you can find; tell them the truth, ask for help. Do NOT give up. Do this for YOU. Him? Train yourself to just not care. He's not worth your effort. Sending hugs........

Gr8Lady posted 8/21/2013 22:07 PM

Look into grants, and what you may be entitled to. So many programs we have no idea exist.
Also for IC are there county programs, or church facilities that may offer some resources.

Hang in there. Tomorrow is another day, full of promise.

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