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70% Alcohol

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HFSSC posted 8/20/2013 23:21 PM

Couldn't decide what to title this.

The moon thread reminded me of a story my Daddy told me tonight. He is a retired nurse who worked at the State Psychiatric Hospital during nursing school. He was telling me tonight about taking temperatures and how they used the old glass thermometers. They did rectal temps on the unresponsive patients.

(He swore this was a true story, btw) He said they were short on thermometers during an epidemic of flu. His supervisor took a rectal temp, removed the thermometer and cleaned it in alcohol. She then went to a more alert patient to take an oral temperature. He protested and said he saw her take a rectal temperature.

The nurse said, "It's been sterilized with 70% alcohol!"

The patient looked at her and said, "Maybe so, but it just came out of a 100% asshole!"

ThoughtIKnewYa posted 8/20/2013 23:26 PM

I was the BOMB at stealth rectal temps!! They never knew what hit em! No kidding! (Besides, trying to take the temp of a conscious mental patient requires more staff! )

I never went rectal to oral, though, because that's gross, even with the alcohol!

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click4it posted 8/20/2013 23:47 PM

The patient looked at her and said, "Maybe so, but it just came out of a 100% asshole!"

omg that's HILARIOUS!! just goes to show that the mental patients aren't so "mental" after all...

Good lord if that wasn't so damn funny I would have barfed.

jrc1963 posted 8/21/2013 20:34 PM

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