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does anyone know nj law

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sullymeishadomi posted 8/21/2013 05:54 AM

The verbal abuse has ampted up (all in Gen). I am going back to my previous craft today and am glad bc im physically beat down. H's abuse is so bad I would rather be here then take 2 days off I so desperately need.

New Jersey is a very different bird. If youre poor you get help (make under $12, 000 per yr). If youre rich, you pretty much have everything at your feet

I fall into the middle.

I was told if I left wh, I could be sited for abandonment and he could get the kids.

I cant live with him anymore and he wont leave. He says its because of the kids but not totally. He hates me and will do anything opposite of what I want.

He does spent time with the kids, but on his terms. He will take them to the park, but he wont have anything to do with cheer or football.

He says im wasting money on the kids school but there is a reason I put them in there.

So is there anyway legally I can free myself from him without penalty?

For financial reasons (I.e. get er dun quick) I can do a seperation and then later divorce?

Amazonia posted 8/21/2013 06:04 AM

From the court website, it doesn't look like Jersey has legal separation.

The quickest way to get a divorce is usually to file uncontested. That means you both have to agree on the terms. If you both don't, can't or won't agree, the court will make the decisions for you - that's the part that takes time, because you both get to fight and show the court why you're right and deserve what you want.

Amazonia posted 8/21/2013 06:05 AM

Sorry, meant to link the court website:

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