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Baby step

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nekorb posted 8/21/2013 09:33 AM


I finally gave in to the urge to check up on my husband. I had really been trying not to as I'm trying to extend trust as well as not driving myself crazy over it and obsessing about it.

Anyway...I couldn't access the last email he used to contact OW, and when I tried to cover the password, it said the account had been deleted on the 18th.

So... I realize it doesn't mean he didn't create a new one....but he has been leaving his phone out, unattended, in plain view where I have access to it, gave it to me to look something up on the Internet a couple days ago.... I'm hopeful.

I'm still going to start trying some of the 180.... We will's hard...I want to talk to him and start working things out so badly!

But...I'm praying for patience and guidance....

MovingUpward posted 8/21/2013 09:48 AM

Are his behaviors creating an emotionally tense situation for you or do you feel that he is being genuine and trying to be open? If you feel that later then you might want to be cautious about doing the 180.

Sending mojo to you.

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