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Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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sunshine226 posted 8/21/2013 20:30 PM

I will deal with the possibility of WH bringing OW in our community to see his brother and sister in law, visiting his family home. I will handle it with integrity and grace and will hold my head high, he is the asshole in this whole situation, no matter what happens, he is the one that cheated and everyone around here knows it, so bring it on, bring her in here, let more people meet this homewrecking whore and when you leave, they will all talk about you and her and wonder what the hell you're thinking, what the hell is it about her that made you destroy your life

Deleting my fake fb account was the best thing I could have ever done,
I feel such an amazing amount of confidence, I am sitting here and curious about what the bitch might have posted, but I deleted my fake account and the only access i can get to her fb is to unblock her............not gonna happen, it just isnt worth allowing HER access to my page. Soooo proud of how strong I have become, and how I am working through my curiousity, she doesnt have anything posted that I am interested in seeing, so what if she had a great weekend, one that she wishes didnt have to end. In time those memories of good times will fade away and be replaced with the reality that she is with a man that cheated on a woman he spent over 20 years with to be with her, that destroyed his relationship with his own biological children to be with her, that lied to her right from the beginning, that had friends and family that only pretended to like her for his sake, that never ever had any intentions of being her husband, that was pissing her off all the time so that she would be the one to end it and kick him out

What an amazing upside to all the sadness I have been feeling for the past few days

AFrayedKnot posted 8/21/2013 22:02 PM

Hold tightly to that confidence and strength. You are doing great.

openedupmyeyes posted 8/22/2013 07:47 AM

Brava! You are right on all points. Stay strong. He will have to explain her for as long as he with her.

sunshine226 posted 8/24/2013 16:02 PM

So......WH and OW are just minutes from our home, they passed by my door to get there (thankfully I didnt see them, would have to wash my eyes out with bleach if I did)

Everyone will meet her, all four brothers and their wives and the WHORE will be together, big family reunion,

But I did set 2 of the brothers straight and told them that WH text me and asked me to "please go to DS for the night" and I told them WH keeps texting me and telling me he loves me and is coming back, trying to find a way out and wishes it didnt happen, the other brother, well he's the one that he and his wife have on fb and are all buddy buddy, they even stayed to her place on Thursday night

YEAH RIGHT, he will have to just deal with me at home and in the area, he will have to wonder if I will show up and cause a scene, DD wants to go out and tell them off in front of everyone including her 10 year old son.

And guess what, I WONT STOP HER, she can go ahead and do it if it will help her deal with this. And I will be here for her if she does

People are going to meet her and find out for themselves what she's like. They will be all friendly to her face but I cant wait until they leave tomorrow, I can just imagine all the stuff I will be hearing after that, gotta love a small town

Going out myself tonight with some friends and gonna have a good time, hopefully WH drives past the house to go to the store and notices the truck gone and wonders where I am gone

He wont be sleeping too good tonight

[This message edited by sunshine226 at 4:04 PM, August 24th (Saturday)]

sunshine226 posted 8/25/2013 20:17 PM

I can breathe again, they are gone!!!!!!

sunshine226 posted 8/28/2013 07:15 AM

Didnt know if I should post a new topic or just add it to this one...

So got a bit of feedback from family about their opinion of OW from one brother and his wife.

They say she is loud and talks a lot, that WH barely said a word and has completely changed. He isnt the fun loving, joking around kind of guy anymore. They feel that he is very unhappy with her, that he doesnt know how to get out of it......SUCKS TO BE WH

I havent had any contact with him since Friday when he text me and told me he had no other choice and had to bring her in, that he tried to get out if it. He even asked me that day, night and again on Saturday morning if i was going to be home or gone and wanted me to go to DS for the night, until they were gone again

Sorry dumbass, I wasnt running away and I wasnt changing my plans just because you are too much of a coward to stand up to OW

He's mad that they were locks on the sheds, OW must be giving him a hard time that he couldnt get the ATV to take her son for a ride,

It was really hard, but I am soooo glad I stayed here.

StillLivin posted 8/28/2013 13:19 PM

Praying For You Sister. Hang In There And KEEP Holding Your Head Up Like ThE Classy Lady You Are And ShE Isn't!!!!

crazyblindsided posted 8/28/2013 13:26 PM

sunshine226 I am having a wonderful day after reading this sounds like a little karmic justice!

silverhopes posted 8/28/2013 14:35 PM

So wait... he left you for the OW, brought her back to your community to see family, and had the nerve to try to tell you not to be in your own home, which is nearby the inlaws', in case there were an encounter? Or what? What a dumbass. He doesn't get to dictate your home life anymore. He fired himself from that position.

Glad the weekend went OK for you, Sunshine226.

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