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Who drinks sangria on a Wednesday??

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FaithFool posted 8/21/2013 21:53 PM

FF do.

click4it posted 8/21/2013 22:07 PM


I don't drink sangria, but I'm wanting to start a try at drinking a 1/4 cup of red wine at night. I hear its good for the heart and blood pressure. Now if only I *liked* the taste of wine I could buy it.

FaithFool posted 8/21/2013 22:13 PM

It's an acquired taste. I actually didn't begin to appreciate red wine until my late 40s.

It is good for you in moderation.

click4it posted 8/21/2013 22:16 PM

Well then I guess that's about right...since I'll be 41 in September.

yes, moderation. Heck my grandma still drinks her brandy and water and she's 99.

FaithFool posted 8/22/2013 00:59 AM

My mom would call that "heart starter".

Sad in AZ posted 8/22/2013 08:58 AM

Now I'm in the mood for sangria and tapas

Lucky2HaveMe posted 8/22/2013 10:08 AM

Menage a trois is a mild red blend for those wishing to try red wine... And the name makes a great FB status... "I had a menage a trois with great friends last night!"

FaithFool posted 8/22/2013 10:24 AM

Tred posted 8/22/2013 10:26 AM

sangria and tapas
For some reason my neanderthal brain read that as "beer and nachos"

lynnm1947 posted 8/22/2013 13:39 PM

I do--sangria without the fruits and fillers! My S/O and I (since he started working till 9 p.m.) get together for wine and apps around 10:15 p.m. every Wednesday (Hump Day). Otherwise he's asleep when I leave the house and I'm almost asleep when he gets home, so we really see each other weekends.

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