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Big day! One small step towards R

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ILINIA posted 8/22/2013 08:13 AM

Today my WH moves his office! He will no longer be 30 feet from OW, he will be in a different building with a different parking structure. The will continue to share a cafeteria (I was hoping he would pack a lunch) and it will take a few weeks to transition responsibilities.

I am excited that I won't have to stress every morning when he leaves, but it is tempered with the fact that we even have to deal with crap like this.

Oddly, I am also meeting with a lawyer this morning to discuss post nups, so it is a busy, busy day!

I am going to do my best and try to choose to be happy today!

LosferWords posted 8/22/2013 09:03 AM

struggling3 posted 8/22/2013 09:38 AM

So happy for you. I couldn't even imagine the feeling of knowing they were so close. My H and the MCOW work in the same building...different floors...different parking locations...and it still gives me anxiety. He has changed up his habits (rarely leaves his desk...even for lunch) but boy do I feel your relief.

Skan posted 8/22/2013 18:01 PM

I'm really glad for you! Me, I'm pack him lunch each day so no need to go to cafeteria.

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