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out of a size 9 and on to a 7 or 5

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eyenight posted 8/22/2013 12:14 PM

This morning I was in a rush cause I had to meet someone and was running way behind.
I looked in the mirror and holy cow. I'm tiny! My size 9 jeans don't fit they are even my smallest ones. They keep sliding down and i cant find my belt. I guess its time for some shopping I got a month to get to my goal. I am almost there. Last I checked I needed to lose 9 pounds.
I cant check until I got to work tonight cause that scale is dead on.

MovingUpward posted 8/22/2013 12:15 PM

Rock on!!!

She11ybeanz posted 8/22/2013 12:36 PM

That's great news!!!! I would be thrilled to be a solid size 6 or 8 again! I'm close I think, but it would be a good feeling!!!


eyenight posted 8/22/2013 12:53 PM

oh it is. After almost 5 years I lost all the weight I gained with having my son (I think I weighted 156 when I found out I was pregnant and was close to 210 when I had him) and then some. It helps that the unit i work on moved to a different building and now we are right below the gym and climbing 3 flights of stairs to get there instead of waiting on the extra slow elevator has started to pull off. When I started this getting into shape and losing weight I weighted 160 and last I weighted myself 2 weeks ago I was at 134. Thats 26 pounds. In less than 6 months. If I look at the big picture I lost 76 pounds in 5 years. I did stay steady at 150-160 for 3 years just couldnt get past the 150's.

dead_inside posted 8/22/2013 13:15 PM

I'm an oldtimer that mostly lurks but I had to delurk for this because your results are AMAZING! Plus I have a similar weight gain (from 155 to 210) which I am working on as well.

May I ask what changes you've made to get those great results in 6 months? I am envious. Congratulations and go get yourself some cute skinny jeans!

eyenight posted 8/22/2013 14:01 PM

I eat healthy. Whole grains lean meats, tons of veggies and fruits. My body cant tolerate whole milk products so I have to get skim milk and skim milk daily foods. I cut back on sodium and add other spices to my food to make it taste better. One of my old bosses was really into healthy eating and wellness and gave my these measuring bowls for proportional sizes, I found them when I cleaned out my garage and they help with the not over eating. I measure everything for the correct portions. Yeah I was totally over eating. I do have one day a week where I can eat some of the fatty foods that i really enjoy, but I usually cut the burger in half and save it for the next day. I keep active. I take son to the park when ever possible and actually get off my butt and run around with him. I usually walk as much as possible. If I cant get out to walk cause of the weather. I run up and down my stairs during commercial breaks. On days I work. I hit the gym during my dinner break and eat my dinner after. Its kind of cheating the dinner break but not really. I'll bring WII games for the patients to play like the dance party ones or the world games and play that with them for a good while. It keeps you active. I rarely drink booze or beer so I dont really have to worry about that part. But when I do. I'll drink the lite or limit the beer when they dont have lite.
Its been a lot of hard work, but totally worth it. Its all about changing the life style. I dont really have a sweet tooth so I am luck in that. Changing portions and not using a lot of salt was the hardest. Id be hungry and want something more so id go for a walk instead. After my body got used to smaller portions Im not hungry but still walk.

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