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A ship jumper and a coward in love

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huRtZ413 posted 8/22/2013 12:20 PM

So WH never broken up with anyone I was under the impression he has being he dated a bit more than me . He said he never really did have that end of the relationship convo that they either ended it or cheated on him or the other way but he would just leave without word . Which now lead me on this thought process that's he's to scared to do the right thing in fear of being wrong ( maybe it will get better) or ( in fear of looking bad ) either way the fear not ending things I think play a part in our relationship too though he says no. He loves to say I never broke up with you and you did it to me twice , well dude you never broke up with anyone so ....ok . Also he stayed even when He wanted to go I'm guessing cause there are times where he would say Idk why I was with her just was . He says this is diff cause he loves me and wants me and if he didn't he wouldn't be here and fight so hard to earn trust as he never bothered with his Ex's he would just disappear ( mind you he would never end it) this is concerning he doesn't know how to leave .... So that makes me think maybe he could cheat again cause he doesn't know how to end his current relationships .....

As for me I'm what they would call a ship jumper . I can make an exit but when I have a safe place to land , i was never one to go down on a sinking ship I would have something in the distance not that I got involved but knew it I had a dif. Chance at a safe landing on a new ship letting go of the sinking ship was easier . I never had my own boat ...... Meaning I was never on the market very long at all .......why? I remember being ok being single....before dating that is ....

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Skan posted 8/22/2013 14:45 PM

Funny, how many of us seem to have different styles. My FWH is a clinger and I'm a cutter. He will cling to a relationship until the extremely bitter end, and then some. I hit a point where my brain goes CLICK, and I cut the person out of my life and its as if they never existed.

Which is somewhat interesting now, since he's terrorized that I will just walk at some point which leads to him trying to hide, placate, say only things that he things will please me, and minimize his dark places. While I, knowing that I can walk, am demanding nothing but the unvarnished truth, complete honesty, and the opening and airing out of old, musty, mold-encrusted places wherein lie demons.

Match made in heaven? Lawd knows!

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