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update std testing..need feedback please

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Ostrich80 posted 8/22/2013 20:29 PM

K I did it. Test results in 2 days, if I don't get a phone call, I'm good to.
Now for the rashy bumps I have...
Dealing with 2 things. Yeast infection, which I don't ever get with the exception of 4 and that was first trimester of each pregnancy. So considering my yougest is 16: its been 16 yrs since I've dealt with that. However its just on my skin. Next he addressed the bumps kinda in pubic bone area and traveling up towards my lower abdomen. He said I've seen this type of rash with CRABS, but he didn't see any. He concluded with a dc of scabies..most likely. He said he's not a dermatologist so he cannot be 100% positive. I asked if it could have been passed from my ws. He said scabies doesn't usually appear in the pubic area but the signs of it are there. So when I asked again if my ws could have given to me since I've been nowhere, no hotels, no gym,no small kids..nada. He answered, use the cream for it and if it works, theres your answer.
So back to ws. He is still in daily contact with ow and has incorporated hook up sites for NSA sex into his daily web searches. I don't know if he's hooked up or just shopping for future.
So anyone know anything about this subject and do you think he's given me scabies that he's picked up from some skank or motel perhaps. Once again I have information but nothing that can say 100%. This isn't going tomake or break my M, its already over but just curious.
Also..I was stupid enough to have sex with him over 2 wks,ago...itching and bumps occurred maybe a week later. Thanks

jo2love posted 8/22/2013 21:17 PM


I'm sorry you are going through this. Can you make an appt with a dermatologist?

MissMouseMo posted 8/22/2013 21:21 PM

I'm so sorry, sweetie. I went to WebMD and got this quote:

"Scabies usually is spread by close, intimate contact, such as sleeping in the same bed with or touching someone who has scabies. The scabies mite cannot fly or jump, and it moves very slowly. ...[They] move to the skin's surface and become adults within ~2 weeks."

There's a lot more info but I'll just give you the link to explore the other pages:


krazy8516 posted 8/22/2013 21:25 PM

I personally have been fortunate never to have more than yeast infections and "abnormal" paps. But I want to follow your story and I hope that it's nothing serious. I would drop my WH in a heartbeat if he ever gave me anything 'cause he couldn't keep it in his pants. Ugh, they're so selfish!!

::hugs:: to you!

Jrazz posted 8/22/2013 21:34 PM


No more sex with him... things are obviously not right.

Keeping the good thoughts for negative test results.

Ostrich80 posted 8/22/2013 22:02 PM

Yea it was quite humiliating at my age asking for STD tests and told I have some effin critters.
I actually found scabies on web md when I started typing in my symptoms so I suspected. Upside is Dr said doest look anything like herpes which I was scared it may be. I hate his fucking guts for putting me in this sich. I hadn't had sex with him for months but I broke down and did..regretted immediately. FML

I have to say though, I am so glad I did go to Dr..I may get bad news later but I feel a huge weight off my shoulders by just taking the first big step.

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cmego posted 8/22/2013 22:08 PM

Just as an FYI...every time my ex had a new partner...I developed a yeast infection. It took me a while to put two and two together. It finally dawned on me when I caught him cheating the final time. We had sex only 1 time that final month...and sure enough I developed a yeast infection. I then found out he was cheating again. I confirmed with my GYN, anytime new germs are introduced in the vagina, it can cause a yeast infection.

If it were me, I would go to a dermatologist. I would want to know what kind of rash that may be!

tryingmybest2011 posted 8/22/2013 22:21 PM

Crabs and scabies are treatable and curable (says the lady who just deloused her sweet DD).

As for the yeast infection, I too had a fairly epic one when my WH was onto #2 and #3.

A thought - have you changed laundry detergent or soap lately? I ask because I thought I had scabies a few years back, and it turned out to be contact dermatitis. The rash looked identical. Likewise, I thought I was getting a yeast infection, and it turned out to be irritation from detergent. I truly am a delicate flower.

Sorry you're going through this.

purplejacket4 posted 8/22/2013 22:21 PM

Google molloscum and see if that's what it looks like.

Ostrich80 posted 8/22/2013 23:51 PM

At first I thought it was a new fabric softener because I switched. I stopped using it on my lingerie but the problem worsened. That's the only new thing.I've used. Dr pretty much confirmed the yeast thing but that's interesting info ^^^^^ because I don't get those. I've actually always had a very health vag : of course when you have a ws that can change. I've been M over 25 yrs...never in my wildest thought I would be dealing with this.

Ostrich80 posted 8/23/2013 00:05 AM

@purplejacket...kind of but not really. These look different. When I google scabies...looks just like it

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