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Must stop reading comments on Huff Post

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roses303 posted 8/22/2013 22:07 PM

The Huffington Post has had many many articles on infidelity and divorce recently which sometimes have good advice and sometimes are just horrid.

But the comments. Oh my god, I have never read so many comments that make me feel so bad about trying to reconcile. Thank goodness for this place. It is so helpful to have a supportive community. While I know reconciliation isn't the choice for everyone, I wish people wouldn't go on about how foolish the choice is. Maybe those with good reconciliation stories just don't talk about it so it isn't common knowledge that it can work. Instead all I seem to hear and read is "once a cheater, always a cheater" ugh. that isn't what I need to hear.

blakesteele posted 8/22/2013 22:21 PM

sigh....not a lot of marriage-friendly places on the web or anywhere....

My wife isn't a fan of me being on here it is very difficult to find a safe spot to process this trauma.

God is helping me....but the bible talks about fellowship and relationship...urging us to lean on each other and help each other. The world at large has abandoned this idea. Our WS subscribed to the worlds ideas that you should seek your self satisfaction at all cost...repercussions be damned.

I asked my Pastor early on if he could put me in touch with a man in our congregation who had worked through infidelity in his marriage....he had no such person. All he knew about where people who survived adultery by divorcing.

I don't want to converse with people that divorced...I want to gain wisdom from people who successfully R. I can find all kinds of reasons to D...Huff Post, my parents, even the bible with regards to adultery. That is why this site is important to me.

I have not gone into the Divorced forum yet....but feel my marriage slipping hard.

Huffington post....yeah, visited it once...NOT marriage friendly.

Kicker wifes FOO issues have trained her and her sister that it is weak to do what we, BSs, are attempting to do. My wife is trying to curb this built in perspective but it is tough...I see her struggling, I see her sister questioning that she should even BE changing....

I know there are people that do R....but odds and the world CAN look like they are against us.

I don't agree with once a cheater always a cheater....I just don't. I have seen things within myself change that I thought were this gives me hope that we can R....

but I am so tired....

Please stay away from the need your energy protected....this is a marathon.

God be with you.

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