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Holding back; so venting here as usual:)

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Strongmama posted 8/22/2013 23:10 PM

Okay I've held back to this mutha f'ing loser pos so day, and I can only hope it never really happens, but I'd love to tell him what a worthless; selfish; pathetic pos father/person he is!
I looked at my son's text messages; haven't in a while, and just a note to you all check them often...the things him and his friends say! Yikes! Lol
Anyhow; so I took the kids on a one night vacation to an amusement park with my BFF and her kids. Ftard has promised the kids that he'd take them there for years ever. Never has, but can take all kinds if vacations and cruises with his skanks.
Well he was texting my 12 year old; or should I say interrogating him! Why are you going there? Who with? Why? Why are you leaving so soon? Why are you going to a friends now? Why? Well that's weird?! Those were his texts...
Are you fucking serious? I'd love to tell this loser pos why! Why? Because we can. Because we have fun and I do things with my kids; especially when I get 3 free tickets to help with the cost because I'm still paying off my 25k lawyer bill from your stupid psychotic ass you lunatic from hell! Why? Because the kids and I deserve to have fun every now and then...
Whys I'd like to ask hom:
hey assface why did you take 10 (more I'm sure:) sex trips saying they were military while we were married and leave me to take care of the kids alone as always?
Why were and are you such an abusive alcoholic who has not one clue how to be a parent or have a real conversation?
Why can't you just die and/or go away? Nobody likes you. Maybe your newest clueless victim who hasn't discovered you're an alcoholic; pathological liar; cheater; freak, but don't worry why I haven't told her; because you have to live and learn that's WHY! And I can only hope and pray that WHY it/she still believes your lies you'll leave me and the kids alone you pos.
Why oh why can't he just leave these kids alone w his interrogations and try to make it sound like we're doing something bad.
Why did I ever trust this asshole with my health and future?
Why didn't I kick his nuts up to his throat after he exposed my to So many std's?
That's a lot of whys huh?
I know one thing; he's sick, and broken and my kids are figuring it out; sadly. They never ask about him or call or text him. You reap what you sew I guess, and he's a bad dad.
Man those vents feel good and I'm so glad I have this place to post my feelings. Thanks for anyone who can stomach all the naughty words and bad grammar:)

Sparkles posted 8/22/2013 23:30 PM

Vent Away!!

I totally get this. I finally started taking my kids to those cute junky little "German Towns" with a waterpark because my stbx was always so busy at work, stressed, etc... we finally convinced him to join us for a weekend. I know it wasn't the posh hotels and cool stuff he was doing with who knows who, but the kids loved it and were so excited that he joined us. As was I. Found out later that he was emailing the entire time with his young office girl entourage about how sucky it was, how lame, they all thought it was hilarious.. The kids will never know, but it still gets me and hurts to the core. Mofo.

Anyways, loved you vent!

AStar posted 8/23/2013 08:03 AM

Great vent!!
He is never gonna get it... It's also cowardly to interrogate the kids. Guess he still isn't man enough to speak to you.
(((Strongmama and kids)))

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