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"Stop Asking Me For Sex!"

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SoLost1545 posted 8/23/2013 20:17 PM

My husband is still in the hospital for his depression. They expect him to be released Monday and then he will spend 72 hours in the barracks with NC with us (as a safety precaution for him as well as us).
I agreed to family counseling when I spoke with his doctor the other day.
I honestly think my husband is trying to sweep this shit under the rug. We don't speak about the incident when my son and I visit him in the hospital. When his doctor called me the other day, he said that he asked my husband about family counseling and my husband told him that he didn't think we needed it.
On top of that, the other day when we were up there, he gave our son a hug and kiss before we left..then he leaned over and gave me a hug and kissed me (when I finally realized what he was doing, it had already happened, so I didn't have time to pull away). I didn't respond to the kiss. His touch still makes me feel nothing...there's just a void.
Anyway, my point with this is that before he went in, he kept asking me for sex...and I told him to go fucking find someone else to do that shit with if that's all he wants. He said he wasn't going to do that...he wants it from me.
I know when he finally does come home, he's going to start back up pestering me about it. It hasn't been a month since I found out...and I have had NO time AT ALL to deal with his cheating on my own. We went to his brother's wedding (which I had to act as though everything was okay)...then he went to the hospital and I've been holding down the fort here while he's in there.
UGH! I'm just so fucking pissed right now and agitated.

Skan posted 8/23/2013 20:35 PM

I sincerely hope that you are moving all of his stuff out of your bedroom and into the basement. And then installing a lock on your bedroom door to keep him out. Because you do NOT need this charming POS trying to come onto you, while you're trying to deal with your child, his A, and his depression. It's time to detach and start doing what you need to do, to process this entire mess. And not having to worry about him groping you in your sleep will go a long way towards that.

Crude Alert for the following.

The next time he asks you for sex, point to his right hand and say WH, meet Rosie Palm and her 5 dancing daughters. She's your date for the foreseeable future.

SoLost1545 posted 8/23/2013 22:01 PM

We have a spare room (which is my office) that he keeps all his clothes in and military gear. So, essentially, he only uses the bedroom to sleep in. I sleep on the couch if he decides he's sleeping in the bed.
I have also told him that he can "take care" of himself in that aspect because every time I look at him, I see him doing shit with HER.
I'm buying running shoes tomorrow...I need something to help with this aggression and pent up tension...and exercise seems like a great release. Not to mention, I need to lose some weight, so two birds, one stone :)

Skan posted 8/24/2013 00:19 AM

He doesn't get the bedroom to sleep in he gave up the privilege of sleeping in the marital bed by his actions. Move him out the rest of the way. You need the rest and the security. (((hugs)))

SoLost1545 posted 8/24/2013 08:17 AM

He doesn't listen. He goes to sleep way before I do (I'm an insomniac and stay up super late)...he has to get up for work at like 5:30am, so he goes to the bedroom and sleeps in I can either sleep in the bed with him or sleep on the couch.

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