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She contacted him at his work!

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lucy17 posted 8/23/2013 21:44 PM

Sneaky, sneaky. She e-mailed my husband at his work e-mail this morning with the sentence, "Marshall and I are divorcing." My husband had spent the morning with me and didn't go to work until afternoon. He called me soon after getting to work to tell me that he got the e-mail and that he was forwarding it to me. He did not respond to her. He deleted it. I however, in my anger, fired off a terrible e-mail to her in which I referred to her as a non-person just "vagina, tits, and no morals" I also told her that 'we' as in my husband and I were getting better and that if she was still messed up that is not our problem so "fuck off bitch" No contact means no contact.
I feel terrible for the awful e-mail. Terrible. That is not who I am. So husband and I wrote an apology e-mail together and I called and left a mssg on her cell phone to apologize. Shit. I can't believe I did that.
But...yay husband!! You did what you were supposed to do. I feel like we have a chance.

ionlytalkedtoher posted 8/23/2013 21:59 PM

I would not have sent an apology after it.

I confronted OW via text to stop messing with H and my husband unbeknownst to me wrote an apology email to her for my "actions". I am still hurt by that. He should have stuck up for me and agreed that I had every right to react the way I did. instead--he wrote how truly sorry his wife acted like that. Seriously ? where are his priorities ?

In such a cirumstance as this I would have just let it go. Whose idea was it to write an apology ? Yours or your husbands?

lucy17 posted 8/23/2013 22:08 PM

He had no idea I e-mailed her the awful message the first time or that I e-mailed her 10 minutes later to apologize. I was still feeling guilty so when he got home from work he suggested that we write a letter together that would make me feel better (and that if I didn't like it I didn't have to send it--either way he assured me I was justified and it was fine). The letter we wrote together did make me feel better, but I didn't know if she got it or not so I also called and left her a voicemail(which H also did not know about until I told him).

heathenchristian posted 8/23/2013 22:26 PM

I may have felt the same way. I am typically not a mean person.
However, my husband always seems to defend others before me, so I'd be flippin pissed cause he'd totally apologize for my actions.
I don't think mine quite gets it.
Hopefully after we start MC he will start to see things differently.

lucy17 posted 8/23/2013 22:32 PM

MC has made a huge difference. It has been very valuable to have a neutral 3rd party who is so black and white to tell him you did this and if you want this you must do this.

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