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Looking forward to Today

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AFrayedKnot posted 8/24/2013 05:55 AM

Today is going to be a great day. Two hour of reading here so far. Next is yoga, watering our garden, coffee and conversation with Broevil when she wakes up, Blues Clues with the boy, a hike around a wild flower preserve later, maybe a flea market or yard sale along the way, and maybe later.

Today is going to be a great day. What ever thoughts come will also go. Whenever a tear comes to my eye, I will find something to smile about. Whenever I need help I know it is by my side.

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LA44 posted 8/24/2013 06:03 AM

Beautiful post Chicho.

brokensmile322 posted 8/24/2013 07:06 AM

Enjoy your day, Chico!!

wifehad5 posted 8/24/2013 07:22 AM

catlover50 posted 8/24/2013 07:39 AM

That's awesome! Attitude is 99%!

jo2love posted 8/24/2013 08:19 AM

Beautiful post!

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