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Haunts me...

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sunflowergirl30 posted 8/26/2013 07:44 AM

Remembering how wh touched me during the time he was having sex with mow...when he touched me I felt compared, like he was sizing me up. The way he looked at me...

Wh is adamant he didnt compare us. Bullshit.

I remember saying to him then that he was acting odd and I touching me "different" wow! How stupid I was and trusting just blows my mind.

He had just been with her. He was sleeping with two women. I didnt know but mow did. It still disgusts me, makes me so angry and haunts me when he touches me.

sunflowergirl30 posted 8/26/2013 07:47 AM

Mow knew he was screwing her and me. Wtf kind of woman does that?!

I know she knew because on dday I found text of them arguing. Her obviously pissed he was screwing me. His wife. What a joke. Him throwing in her face that she screwing her h too! What kind of fucked up people do that and seriously have that conversation!

I will never understand. I hate them both.

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Kelany posted 8/26/2013 07:52 AM

My husbads LTA told him he could have me at home, her at work. She had no problems sharing apparently.

Though sometimes glimpses of jealousy came out. She would ask when we last had sex sometimes, if he couldn't finish for her, then get upset.

BrowneyesTurnBlu posted 8/26/2013 08:44 AM


My wh didn't actually have sex with OW but she knew me...I actually am the one that got her hired at the office. Her life was turned upside down this past May and she left her husband. My WH started texting her at that time...first to make sure she was ok from the car accident, then it quickly changed. She even said to him multiple times in texts "I know you love your wife", "I don't usually sleep with married men, but you make me want to cross the line" "I don't want to break up your family" and then in the next texts it was "I want you to fuck me so hard...I want to feel you". When they were together at her place the very first time, she moved her pants down a bit so he could see her thongs. The second time, she lifted her shirt a bit to expose a belly ring (which before my WH told me he found repulsive but I guess now he finds it sexy) and slowly turned her back to him. The third time they met, nothing happened because her daughter was inside and they were outside having a beer. The fourth time, she lifted her top and bra up and held them with her chin so he could see that she had fake tits (sorry if TMI). He told me that they didn't move even after she put her arms down. He has always told me that once he knew a girl had a boob job it would turn him off. When I found out about all this I told him that maybe I should go and get a boob job (I don't need it nor want it), and a belly ring (wouldn't be able to do that either since I don't even have my ears pierced). But it made me angry. So I can totally relate to how you feel about feeling that your WH was comparing you. The OW actually told my WH to "be intimate with your wife"...this is a sign of someone who is so screwed up in her own life and I am so glad that my WH has had NC with her since this all came out.

RedRose posted 8/26/2013 21:41 PM

He didn't kiss me for weeks, even during sex. He had no problem kissing her during the same time period, though. I confronted him on it, and he acted like he hadn't noticed he wasn't kissing me.

trebleclef posted 8/26/2013 23:06 PM

In the last year, WH was into some new sex positions that were interesting but decidedly "non-intimate" in the emotional way. It was a passing "hmmm" at the time. Now I look back and wonder if this was stuff he was trying with her, and if he just couldnt "face me". Haunts me too.

PurpleBirch posted 8/27/2013 07:40 AM

My WH started saying "Can I cum in you?", which was something he never said before the A. He would ask if he could cum (as-in would I be upset if I didn't get to and he did), but the "in you" part was new. I did find it odd at the time since a) we're married and I've never had a problem with it before and b) it's not like he was worried about me getting pregnant again since I have an IUD. I'm thinking he asked his slut that question when they were slutting together. Ick.

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