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WS staying out all night

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SoOver96 posted 8/26/2013 09:36 AM

Any of you have the same problem and if so how many is enough I thought we were in R but now I'm not so sure. I've been on here before but lost my information but he's going back to his old routine

movingforward13 posted 8/26/2013 11:08 AM

Kick him out? Change the locks?

SisterMilkshake posted 8/26/2013 11:35 AM

If FWH stayed out all night one night we would be done, done, done!

Morhurt posted 8/26/2013 11:48 AM

Yup, one night out all night would be too many for me. But my H knows that very well so him doing it would hold a lot if meaning.
I'm sorry for what you're going through.

GabyBaby posted 8/26/2013 12:06 PM

During the last period when XWH and I were "reconciling", he stayed out all night after going to a party for a coworker who was retiring.
He had my OK to go to the party, but he was supposed to be home by 10ish.

The next morning, he comes traipsing into the house around 6am. He claims he slept in his car (in the parking lot of the building where the party had been held) because he was too drunk to drive. There were three very obvious problems with that statement:
1. He never bothered to call or pick up his phone - all night.
2. If his car had been in that lot all night it would have been towed (there are signs posted).
3. His clothing was way too "fresh" looking for having been been slept in all night. Were that story true, he should have been wrinkled and disheveled and he was not.

confused615 posted 8/26/2013 12:31 PM

Unless it was planned ahead of time..a hunting with DS..or he's working...if he stays out all night he better be in jail,the hospital, or dead.

He sure as shit wouldn't come walking through the door the next morning and continue on as if everything was peachy.

Edited..because my typing sucks.

[This message edited by confused615 at 12:50 PM, August 26th (Monday)]

SoOver96 posted 8/26/2013 12:47 PM

It was planned but he was supposed to be home by 9 last night one he doesn't have a car helped a friend move which he lives almost two hours away to a town thats 45 min away. Two he called into work said he'd be late their brilliant idea was to tell him don't come in WTF he told them he's late cause he couldn't find the keys it pays to have friends that work with the WS they don't sugar coat nothing. 3rd his clothes always look wrinkled cause we have to go to the laundry mat once a week cause our dryer broke. 4 he called work and not me? I have an 11 year old that wakes up in the morning wondering where dads at our oldest two even though they say thee used to it I know damn well they are not so I'll have to cut some of our cost down considerable because I'm on disability and can't afford luxuries if he's not going to be here. I love him but I'm so tired of this

confused615 posted 8/26/2013 12:52 PM how long are you going to tolerate this?

If he does this so often that the kids are used to it...that's bad.


SoOver96 posted 8/26/2013 13:49 PM

He's only done this twice since his last affair ugh I hate that word I've been faithful loyal been with him when his grandma died his uncle dieing his mom going Batty Prison terms when is it my turn to have the man I adore and love so much want to be with me what did I do wrong?

crazyblindsided posted 8/26/2013 14:51 PM

I would be done too if mine stayed out all night.

Fire96 posted 8/26/2013 14:55 PM

What I would do.

1)Take all of his clothes and throw them out in the yard.

2) Change the locks to all of the doors.

3) Turn off all of the phone ringers.

4) Find a copy of your marriage license, and nail it to the front door with a big X XX across it.

I never go over-board, do I?

lynnm1947 posted 8/26/2013 14:59 PM

When my XS/O stayed out all night for the first time, he arrived home next night to find my bedroom door locked. A few weeks later I was gone, gone, gone. But that was after years of philandering.

Chrysalis123 posted 8/26/2013 15:19 PM

He's only done this twice since his last affair

Question: How do you think your "ability to put up with bad behavior " meter is working?

Do you think it is:

A. Just right
B. Too unforgiving
C. Too permissive

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