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The H.S. Reunion

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RightTrack posted 8/26/2013 15:04 PM

Last week-end we had my WH's HS reunion, important to me b/c MOW was a classmate of his (30 yrs ago) and they started their affair by reuniting on Facebook three years ago. They never dated in HS, she was the almost cheerleader and he was the funny nerd. Imagine his delight when she wanted to start an affair with him. I digress...

So I wanted to go to the reunion just to keep her from going. We are friends with a number of alumni couples, we still live close to his HS. They know about the affair b/c we told everyone when we were planning to divorce. I had one woman "send the message" to MOW that if she showed up I'd have a handbag full of her looking flabby in underwear photos.

She did send a "fishing" email to my WH after that but he told me and I forwarded the email to her BS.

Needless to say I was nervous. I had the perfect size 2 bandage dress ("They were all impressed with your Halston dress") and I cultivated friends to sit with us ahead of time ("and the people that you knew at Elaine's") and I KNOW her stories of being a gopher for a CPA part-time couldn't compare to my stories of the last trials I'd won ("and the stories of your latest success kept them so entertained"). Anyway, with all that ammo I didn't want to wake up like Bigshot the next morning. SI folks gave me some good advice and I'm happy to say I followed it.

First of all, she didn't show. Win!

Next of all WH and I proceeded to have a great time. I'll be posting the photos of us smiling, laughing and dancing on FB. Another Win!

Our table is already planning a 35th reunion.

LosferWords posted 8/26/2013 16:30 PM

Don't see how it could have turned out much better than that. Great!

UKgirl posted 8/26/2013 16:52 PM

if she showed up I'd have a handbag full of her looking flabby in underwear photos.

I'm glad you had a good time!

Lionne posted 8/26/2013 19:20 PM

Score! You know, good for you for the accomplishments in career, clothing, etc. I certainly don't want to take ANY of that from you, you worked hard and earned it. But even if you aren't an accomplished professional, even if you were a few pounds overweight, you would still be the winner. You survive and thrive, live, laugh, and love. Trashy OW, even those thinner, younger and picture perfect are still detritus because they CHOOSE to be cheaters. You are a woman of grace and integrity. AND a plan.
Well done!

RightTrack posted 8/26/2013 19:29 PM

Oh yeah Scaredy,
I agree with all of that. Two years ago I was mostly a SAHM and 70 pounds overweight and I was still much much better than her sorry ass. This whole "affair experience" really brought home the fact that it is what's on the inside that counts.

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