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Sometimes the karma bus is annoying

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wonderpets posted 8/27/2013 03:21 AM

XWW is in rehab for alcohol. For the second time. Very amusing given how I feel about her, but now I have to pick up her mess.

Not too worried about custody, she gets her act together quick or I'm taking the kids. I have lots of leverage there. It is just funny how things go from amusing to disgusting

SBB posted 8/27/2013 05:29 AM

I love the Topic. It made me laugh out loud.

I was talking to a friend recently and he asked me if it made me happy that the sad clown was such a ridiculous baboon. I said it made me laugh but it didn't really make me happy because my happiness is no longer tied to him - not even his misery.

Rehab is both good and scary news. Good in that she may finally get the help she needs but bad in that - well, I'd feel mighty uncomfortable about future access given relapse is so common.

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