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Informing another BS

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Fireflies posted 8/27/2013 22:33 PM

I need some advice on if I should and how to go about informing another BS about her WS. This is not the BS one of my WH's APs. This is the BW of one of my WH's coworkers.

To give a little background, my WH is a cop. The coworker, who I refer to as worthless piece of shit or WPS, and my WH were in the police academy together, ended up in the same precinct, were partners on patrol for a while, and for the past year have worked together again in a specialized unit. They are close friends and WPS was even a groomsman in our wedding *vomit*.

Over the course of my relationship with WH, WPS has had multiple affairs and he and his BW have split several times because of his infidelity. But, they always get back together. Why do I know all of this? Because WPS would call WH and lament his marital problems and his problems with his mistresses. In hindsight, this was a red flag. An authentic, decent friend would have told WPS to get his head out of his ass, come clean to his wife, and get into counseling. Instead, WH offered him, "aw, poor poodles", stroked his hair, and told him everything would be all right. WH is just as massive a piece of shit as WPS, I was just too blind to see it. Anyway, I never felt obligated to tell WPS's BW any of this. I only knew her in passing and in my mind she was also a cheater (she was the OW during WPS's 1st marriage). Also, as stupid as it probably sounds, I had no clue how devastating infidelity is until it happened to me.

After I had left our home on D-Day, I logged into our Verizon account to see who WH was texting/calling. I figured he's be contacting the OW to try to cover his ass, but nope. He was texting and calling WPS. Upon returning home the next morning, I took WH's phone and checked his texts with WPS. I learned that WPS's latest mistress is a woman named Lucy, I saw photos of her, etc.

So, now I feel like I should tell WPS's BW whats is going on with Lucy. But I'm not sure how to go about it. I'm sure WPS will tell his BW I'm just a crazy bitch making it all up and I'm out for revenge because of his knowledge of my WH's affairs. I in no way give a shit if his BW thinks I'm a nut, I just want her to know that what I'm telling her is true. So I'm thinking an anonymous letter to his BW is the way to go. Thoughts and advice?

AStar posted 8/28/2013 01:49 AM

Please tell her. She deserves to know.
In this situation it may be wise to do it anonymously. WPS could not trace it back to you and his wife can't say its you being crazy because of your WH. Also she has tolerated his As before, so dont risk your M with your H for them by not doing it anonymously.
It's easy to judge her because she was OW to her current H, and maybe this is karma repayment, but as one human being to another, she deserves to know.

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