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What a Bitch!

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painpaingoaway posted 8/30/2013 06:32 AM

I make a concerted effort to say something nice to everyone I encounter everyday.

So yesterday, I'm at a department store waiting as the sales associate rings up my purchase and I notice that she smells really nice. So I say, "wow, you smell great, what is that you're wearing"? She responds, "oh, it's a lotion I get at Bath and Body Works".

I say, "do you remember the name of it"? And she responds, "yes", and then looks down at the register.

Ummmm, okay, feeling a little awkward, but with a huge smile, I say, "well, are you going to tell me"? And she says, "it's just for me. It's my personal scent, I don't want to share that information".


authenticnow posted 8/30/2013 06:41 AM

nowiknow23 posted 8/30/2013 06:51 AM

"her personal scent" that's mass-produced and sold all over the world? What. Ever.

feelsgaslighted posted 8/30/2013 06:52 AM

Some people are just strange!

painpaingoaway posted 8/30/2013 06:58 AM

"her personal scent" that's mass-produced and sold all over the world? What. Ever.
haha, I know. when she first said it, I thought, wow, is B&BW now creating 'personal scents' for people, how cool! Then I realized she was just a snooty bitch.

tushnurse posted 8/30/2013 09:15 AM

LOL, Maybe she buys all the scents, and mixes them together, and she didn't want to share her secret recipie. LOL

She11ybeanz posted 8/30/2013 09:30 AM

I would say you should have said,

"So if you told me, you might have to kill me?"

BUT...under the circumstances....she might have.... PSYCHO...GEEZ!

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purplejacket4 posted 8/30/2013 10:03 AM

You might have escaped with your life by just letting it drop!

Tred posted 8/30/2013 10:12 AM

I would of asked her if she was wearing "Come to me"...

sullymeishadomi posted 8/30/2013 12:06 PM

Doesnt the store do a mix your own scent? Or is that only with oils.

People have their quirks for their own reasons. Let her have her quirks and move on.

jrc1963 posted 8/30/2013 19:00 PM

I would've said... "Well, I try to find the positive in everyone, so I'd have to say... 'You excel at being a weirdo super bitch', have a nice day!"

On the other hand... I don't think I'd comment on how someone smells in the first place because I think all perfumes stink.

Mrs Panda posted 8/30/2013 21:36 PM

Wow that is pretty hilarious.

painpaingoaway posted 8/31/2013 07:47 AM

You excel at being a weirdo super bitch', have a nice day!"

I just don't understand people like this. I have never in my life refused to share info like that, especially if someone has complimented me. You know like people that refuse to share recipes and such. Now if culinary is their livelihood, well then of course I understand them not sharing. But just your ordinary person not sharing info like, where they get their haircut, or whatever, WTH, just simply bizarre in my book.

circe posted 8/31/2013 08:07 AM

I think it's great that you find positive things to say to people each day! I hope some of your kindness rubbed off on that woman. I wonder what she has going on in her personal life that she was protecting the name of the mass produced mall store lotion as if it were the top secret original recipe for Coke. I mean I wonder if in some other area of her life she was feeling like she didn't have any space to breathe or something?

Eranda posted 8/31/2013 08:22 AM

Now that's some serious insecurity LOL.

Gottagetthrough posted 8/31/2013 16:28 PM

How weird! I have worked at a dept store before and You get mystery shopped all the time. I would have thought she would try to be nice just for that fact!

She could have just said she didn't remember what the scent was called... There's no need to be rude (esp when u work in customer service)

Want2help posted 8/31/2013 21:53 PM

"Well, I try to find the positive in everyone, so I'd have to say... 'You excel at being a weirdo super bitch', have a nice day!"

Seriously, I think a hearty laugh and a little head shake would have put her in her place. WOW, some women, that's how we treat other women?

When other women ask me what I'm wearing, I'm all like "OMG, it's PINK SUGAR by Aquolina, you HAVE TO GET IT!!! Here, let me spray you!!", but I'm a little over enthusiastic like that. My husband says I should be in marketing.

[This message edited by Want2help at 9:57 PM, August 31st (Saturday)]

Jrazz posted 8/31/2013 22:16 PM

OMFG that is the hilariest.

What an idiot. Like she has cornered the market on "Sweet Pea" or "Moonlit Path" and is the only one running around wearing it.

Oooh girl, better look out. I'm going to steal your smell then somebody is gonna steal it from me and pretty soon we'll alllllllll smelllllllllllll the saaaaaaaaaame and then NOBODY will smell "good" ever again!!! MWAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!

Save me.

sadcat posted 9/2/2013 18:08 PM

everytime I ask someone what perfume they are wearing and it is a BBW scent it is always "twilight woods" Every. single. time.

Betcha that is what she was wearing

what a wench

circe posted 9/2/2013 18:58 PM

I just visited a home with "sandalwood rose" BBW spray in the bathroom and it was heavenly!

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