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jackass, i swear

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ThisHell posted 8/30/2013 15:19 PM

So if any of you recall, I posted the other day frustrated that my stbx was being a douche about wanting to take the kids out of town and miss school this weekend and I was not happy about it. He agreed to making it work within the weekend so they don't miss any time so early in the school year and is set to pick them up here at 5 today. Great. Fine. I will have them packed and ready to go. They are excited and I can rest the torn ligaments in my ankle this weekend without guilt of not entertaining them.

BUT I come check my phone a few minutes ago to find a text..." can I bring ginger over for you to watch this weekend?"
(ok, so we had two dogs...a small pom, Bentley who was my valentines gift years ago and my 8 year old's bestest friend in the world. And we got Ginger two years ago because I really wanted a lab. She is older and I adopted her. Unfortunately, when I was forced to move out of our house, my landlord didn't want two dogs here...and the 8year old would have his world crushed if his dog Bentley couldn't live with us. So stbx and I agreed I would take Bentley and he would keep ginger). This weekend I am dog sitting for my landlord who is also a friend, hosting my grandparents, and working some, all while wearing an air boot and in tons of pain. So I replied....
"can u ask the neighbors daughter to watch her? I have another dog, the grandparents and work while hobbling this weekend and I really don't think I can. Sorry, but Allie is always happy to help"

To which he simply says "I really need you to keep her. Just leave her out back". Its like he asks...then doesn't like my response, and just TELLS me what is going to happen. I don't think so! I told him it was not my fault he didn't think to make dog sitting arrangements till now and certainly not my responsibility to take care of it last minute because he tells me so.
I understand she started out as my dog, and I miss her to death, but we agreed on this arrangement because it was best for both my new living situation as well as my kids. I only have a very small portion of the backyard fenced as a potty space and I'm super busy at the moment.

Wtf. I don't get his sense of entitlement! When I texted him that it was not my responsibility to take care of it for him he just says, "are you done?"


Dreamboat posted 8/30/2013 15:46 PM

I would reply back with the number of the closest Petsmart or other boarding place.

Or just a simple "No"


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