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Got a couple complements today...

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dlmos posted 8/31/2013 10:20 AM

...sadly it they were from guys again lol. I swear, sometimes I wonder if I've got a rainbow bumper sticker on my car. Actually both these guys are straight, well at least one of them I know was, but I take it as a complement either way. Nice to see my therapy sessions at the gym are paying off

It is funny though, I only starting getting serious about working out because AD's didn't agree with me and it was suggested as an alternative by my Doc. It's like an AD with only positive side effects lol.

Helen of Troy posted 8/31/2013 10:30 AM

I totally agree exercise is a AD, and more people would benefit if they tried and stayed with it.

As for the dudes, oh well, yes still a compliment. Maybe they were trying to give encouragement or wanted to look as good as you, and felt envious? In jr high kids give compliments to one another and if they're the same gender they write n/h for 'no homo'. You know how kids are at that age...

Once I went to an Ani DiFranco concert and no one hit on me. Instead of feeling offended I decided their straight-dar must have been extra accurate.

She11ybeanz posted 8/31/2013 12:00 PM

Okay....I'm dying to know...what were the compliments??

Williesmom posted 8/31/2013 13:12 PM

If they told you that you look fabulous, I'll send you the rainbow bumper sticker!

dlmos posted 8/31/2013 13:43 PM

Luckily "fabulous" was not mentioned! No the guy at the firehouse was saying I was looking a lot bigger in my arms and shoulders. We used to work out together doing crossfit a couple years ago, so he probably is actually a good judge. The other guy was in a group of my cousins coworkers I met to have a beer with last night. He was a British guy and was all happy that I was drinking Guinness lol. He was there with a girl, I think, but he kept asking if worked out and talking about my arms... He is the one that actually made me a bit uncomfortable, but I'm just going with cultural differences.

SBB posted 9/1/2013 05:55 AM

I've always said to guy friends, if a gay guy thinks you're a fox the girls definitely will. Ultimate canary right there.

Compliments are compliments. Don't fret about intent - cross that bridge if you ever come to it.

She11ybeanz posted 9/1/2013 06:07 AM

Luckily "fabulous" was not mentioned!

Yeah....I don't really even think twice when a woman friend compliments me ....but I think its cause I always assume they are just being nice! But, I'm pretty sure if a guy actually compliments another guy its pretty serious! Guys don't just do that IMO.

Plus, there is a misconception among gays that if a gay guy (or girl for that matter) hits on you that they are going to pounce at any moment! Not true. My sister is gay and I can assure you that she might compliment another woman but she surely isn't going to jump their bones immediately after!
Like she said....just enjoy the compliments! Its nice to hear some positive reinforcement that all your hardwork is paying off!!

Women appreciate nice arms though! We are just too shy to say so!

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k94ever posted 9/1/2013 11:34 AM


Say's who Shelly???? I'm not.

Hey dlmos!!!!! Let's see a photo of those guns


PurpleRose posted 9/1/2013 20:42 PM

I was going to say what she said. ^^^

I love "cultural differences" - and a compliment is a compliment! Good for you!

dlmos posted 9/1/2013 22:54 PM

Lol, I'm trying to just laugh about it, but only the SO gets photos

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