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Happy Birthday DS and SO

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jrc1963 posted 9/1/2013 09:07 AM

Today is my Boys birthday...

Each were born today 9/1. Each were born on a Saturday. And even tho they are not blood relations, both are identical in the way they think, act and behave! *I have my hands full*

Happy Birthday DS, you're 12 now... only one more year to TEENager!

Happy Birthday SO... I won't say your age...

Love You Both!

jo2love posted 9/1/2013 09:30 AM

Happy Birthday!!!

nowiknow23 posted 9/1/2013 10:30 AM

Happy Birthday to your guys!

I won't say your age...
psst - it's in your signature.

jrc1963 posted 9/1/2013 10:39 AM

I know NIK

authenticnow posted 9/1/2013 10:41 AM

Awww, how sweet that they share a birthday!

It's my nephew's birthday today, too!

Happy birthday to all the boys!

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