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MI October G2G/MN&WI Peeps

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k94ever posted 9/1/2013 11:11 AM

We are at T minus 34 days and counting for the MI G2G and it's time for all those MN and WI SI's that are going to start figuring out the "where's" and "how's" of getting there.

Things that need to be thought of:

1. A more-or-less central place for all of us to meet up at before leaving WI.
2. Do we all want to stay at the same motel? It would make it easier.
3. Who all are driving?

It's time to commit to going and I'd like a head count so we can figure this out. I "think" I know where I want to make reservations to sleep but if everyone else wants to stay at a different motel I can change, but I want to get my reservations in within the next two weeks.

Remember....cheese foam hats and Viking helmets are optional but encouraged!!!!!


kernel posted 9/1/2013 12:21 PM

I'm still in. I live way up north in WI, so if anyone wants to do the scenic route through the UP, I'm definitely up for that because it's about an hour less of driving for me. Otherwise, I will drive to a meet-up somewhere, maybe Madison? I'm willing to drive the whole way, or help pay for gas if someone else drives. What dates are we looking at for travel? How many hotel nights? We have a lot to negotiate!

As for hotel, I agree that staying in the same place is easiest, as long as we agree ahead of time.

k94ever posted 9/1/2013 17:19 PM

The Red Roof Inn is NOT on my list of possible motels.

Hmmmm....yathink I've got something AGAINST that particular motel chain????????


k94ever posted 9/3/2013 08:00 AM

Bumping this for the weekday crowd.


ajsmom posted 9/3/2013 09:55 AM

PM coming your way.


k94ever posted 9/3/2013 17:21 PM

Bumping again for the evening crowd.

T minus 33 days.


kernel posted 9/3/2013 17:27 PM

ajsmom - are you going now? I would love to meet the commish!

ajsmom posted 9/3/2013 17:29 PM

Bucky has a bye that weekend so I'm seriously considering it.

kernel posted 9/3/2013 17:37 PM

No need to blush - priorities are priorities!

k94ever posted 9/5/2013 07:49 AM

Bumping again.


nowiknow23 posted 9/5/2013 13:35 PM

Bucky has a bye that weekend so I'm seriously considering it.

metamorphisis posted 9/5/2013 15:24 PM

Booked my hotel today

wifehad5 posted 9/5/2013 16:39 PM

Are you done considering yet ajsmom?

ILINIA posted 9/6/2013 16:57 PM

Can you send me details, I'm a cheesehead....

kernel posted 9/7/2013 13:44 PM


BrokenRoad posted 9/7/2013 13:51 PM

I let WH5 know you need them, ILINIA.

k94ever posted 9/8/2013 17:46 PM

Bumping again.

BR and WH5....I PM'ed Ilinia.


wifehad5 posted 9/8/2013 17:57 PM

Thank you. I forgot until just now

authenticnow posted 9/8/2013 17:59 PM


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