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Diana Nyad - she made it!

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nowiknow23 posted 9/2/2013 15:11 PM

"I have three messages," said the breathless Nyad."One is we should never ever give up. Two is you are never too old to chase your dreams. And three is it looks like a solitary sport but it takes a team."

So inspirational!

inconnu posted 9/2/2013 15:43 PM

That is so cool! I felt bad for her on those other attempts, when she had to stop. I'm glad she was able to succeed this time.

Mommato4 posted 9/2/2013 15:45 PM

That's awesome!

Elektra posted 9/2/2013 15:47 PM

nowiknow23 posted 9/2/2013 15:52 PM

She's 64. SIXTY-FOUR! She's been working to achieve this for 35 years. I can't imagine the level of determination that takes.


authenticnow posted 9/2/2013 16:10 PM

I heard about her on the radio last week and was wondering if she'd make it.

Thanks for the update .

Gottagetthrough posted 9/2/2013 19:38 PM

Saw her finish on YouTube. Love love love it. It's a woman who's been up for over 2 days, swimming through goodness knows what, and, 2 of the three things she says are you're never too old!!! And Don't give up!!

BRAVO!!!! A true inspiration!!!!

Tripletrouble posted 9/2/2013 20:07 PM

She is awesome. What an inspiration.

click4it posted 9/3/2013 14:12 PM

omg NIK - I saw this on the news when she said those three things and I was really in awe. She made me have tingles all down my spine. A total inspiration.

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