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Watched my wedding tape

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click4it posted 9/2/2013 23:08 PM

Why the heck would I want to do that you might ask?

Well, Sunday was a day that I went through my father's things - to look for a document my uncle had asked me to look for. My mom said "don't do it" and tell him you couldn't find it. I said no, I will be fine.

But of course moms are usually right.

I cried for a good part of the day. Anyway, in the process I found my wedding tape that my Dad had a copy of. I had been looking for tapes that would have my father in them and here was one right in my hands....

I debated on whether or not watch it and decided to go for it. I did get to see my father and hear a little bit of his voice, not much though and that was disappointing.

What I noticed was that I cried more at seeing my father and had very few feelings of seeing my ex-h. Yes, I was in awe of how young I looked and how it was the promise a "new chapter" in my life. I saw how secure I looked and remember how it felt. I saw how skinny I once was.

I hadn't watched that tape since 1995 - the year I got married.

Jrazz posted 9/2/2013 23:11 PM


persevere posted 9/2/2013 23:41 PM

That would be tough for any of us. ((Hugs)) :

gma56 posted 9/3/2013 00:05 AM

I knew I was going to be OK when I went though all the wedding pictures and saved items, dress included, I was OK.
I too have a few special people in the pictures that have since past. Those are the ones I kept.
Hugs Click4it. I've lost both of my parents years ago but I grab and hold the memories dearly.

click4it posted 9/3/2013 01:29 AM

jrazz, preserve and gma ty for the hugs.

gma i'm so sorry... (((((hugs back)))))

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