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Very Odd Situation (My first Post)

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Isthismyreality posted 9/3/2013 10:35 AM

I had an affair with a married man that lasted exactly 1 year. My husband now knows everything... no more lies, no more trickle truths. The XAP's BW knows about everything too. Now, 2 months later we get a crazy email from XAP's BW saying for my BH to stop harrassing her. She claims he has been leaving her sexually harrassing voicemails and threatening her and her child. She even attached a voice recording and it was totally NOT my husband at all. Sounds nothing like him. She is saying she will go to the police if we ever contact them and she will contact DHR to investigate our home and children because he has threatened to sexually abuse her child. This is the craziest thing I can ever imagine to happen. How should we handle this??

JustDesserts posted 9/3/2013 11:05 AM

If you have been both falsely accused and threatened, I would suggest contacting an attorney.

Question: does xAP know his BW is doing this?

Question: other than the recording not sounding right, do you know 100% for sure that your BH has had no contact with her/him/them?

Good luck.

Isthismyreality posted 9/3/2013 11:15 AM

Yes, I know 100% he has had no contact with her. The XAP knows about the recordings because he says at the end "this is 'BH' contacting my wife and leaving these messages on her phone".
I contacted my attorney and he says there isnt much we can do at this point but wait to see what they are going to do. Then we can take action. I just cant believe they both are doing this!

uncertainone posted 9/3/2013 11:47 AM

Well, looks like you weren't the only fish in the pond and if he knows it's not your BH he's prolly going to say it is so she doesn't find that little fun fact out.

Just wait and see. Meanwhile, don't borrow trouble. I'm sure your plate is more than full.

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Isthismyreality posted 9/3/2013 12:44 PM

Uncertain - This is what I am thinking too. We were doing so well and then this.

metamorphisis posted 9/3/2013 15:03 PM

Please note stop sign is removed and this thread is now open to BS replies.

Brandon808 posted 9/3/2013 15:27 PM

She even attached a voice recording and it was totally NOT my husband at all.

Two possibilities, the first being the XAP's BW thinks she has evidence that your BH is the one who made the calls and wants it clear she has the evidence. The second possibility is she suspects it is not your BH and by this confrontation is hoping to verify that.

How does your BH want to respond?

Isthismyreality posted 9/4/2013 11:17 AM

We discussed and we were on the same page. We emailed back to say this is crazy and we had nothing to do with it. If they choose to move forward with pressing charges then we will see them in court. Havent heard from them so I hope they got the message. We just hate being blind sided by this.

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