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ceilingwalker posted 9/4/2013 14:59 PM

I have not been to this site for almost a month. You folks got me through crap I never could have made it through alone. I can not believe how many "just found outs" there are in just a month!!!!!! I walked in on my wife having sex with another man, in my bed! I had just came home (unexpectedly) from the VA Hospital where I am treated for PTSD to tell my wife my lab results didn't look good. And there she was........ naked with another man, in my bed. I am a long way away from that day but I loaded my pistol and put it to my head. It scared the crap out of me that I would even go that far!!! I guess it isn't a good idea to give a woman everything she wants (that I am able to give) and make her number 1 in my life, because this is what it gets me. I never even allow myself to be alone with another woman, EVER, because I don't even want the temptation, even though I had no desire to betray her anyway.
I went off on a little bit of a rant but my main point was, look at all these fine people that have been betrayed by the one they trusted the most, IN JUST ONE MONTH!!!! People talk about problems that plague our country but this is a very clear and devastating issue that must change. I don't know how but something has to be the root cause here, that wasn't available years ago. When I was little people that committed immoral, adulterous acts, were shamed! As a little boy growing up in the 70's, divorce wasn't even an option, except for adultery or death of a spouse. Now one is able to enter into a marriage knowing they can easily opt-out by way of a "no fault" divorce. This just blows my mind because not everyone knows about this wonderful place to go to "lick your wounds". I feel sad for every one of you folks, it shouldn't be like this, it really shouldn't. We deserve better!

PrincessPeach06 posted 9/4/2013 15:02 PM

I told WS one time that we need a group like MADD. I feel so helpless and am angry when I see selfish jackasses hurting the people who love them the most.

EvenKeel posted 9/4/2013 15:11 PM

I am always amazed at the number of registered members here as well.

I am a LONG way out from the JFO forum, but I do read there and empathize with everyone's situation.

I am not sure I agree the problem is any worse now than in the 70ies though. I think the availability of internet access to everything makes it more known (good like SI and bad like marital sex hook-up sites).

Just in my own little family, I know in the 70ies my father and both of his brothers were having As. Two of them opted to D, one opted to rugsweep.

It sucks no matter what generation you are in though {hugs}

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Camalus posted 9/4/2013 15:12 PM

I may be 60 now, but I've always taken Semper Fi to apply to all aspects of life. I only wish others felt the same.

Like you, I am shocked at the number of people and the sad stories I read here.

3Xthefool posted 9/4/2013 16:15 PM

Semper Fi.......always a good motto to have even if you are not in the Marines.

Your words are spot on, tirednconfused. Sad but true.

TrulySad posted 9/4/2013 16:47 PM

It's a realization that haunts me every day.

I wish there was a way to change it, but for that to happen, people would have to understand honor, character, modesty, loyalty, and respect. And then actually want to live by them.

I don't believe our world teaches our youth what it actually means to commit to someone. They make the rules up as they go.

So pained to face this truth...

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