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Need a plan

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careerlady posted 9/5/2013 01:06 AM

We are only a few months into our second attempt at R and it has been tough with a lot of other issues to deal with and family living with us at the same time. Some things are fine (ie sex), others are tough (his relationship with my mom who is living with us to provide childcare).

The biggest problem is time is precious. He is busy on his company and has to travel almost every week and I am an ER doc so I have to work weekends and nights. So the time we do get to spend we try to do family things with our son.

I told him during our last road trip that it is stressing me out to not be actively working on the marriage and he said we should both come up with our plans to improve the marriage on paper and discuss. I know he doesn't want to do counseling but he said he would. Right now my hope is to get an "insolvent marriage rescue session" from this therapist that sees couples on Saturdays. I'm not sure what else to include in the marriage plan. Any ideas?

Knowing posted 9/5/2013 03:02 AM

There is also video or telephone counselling for either of you, or together. My fWH is so busy right now we are relying on weekly reading & discussion sessions. It helps a lot. Also weekly or every-other-week date-nights. We talk freely about his A.

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