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another puzzle piece

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Ostrich80 posted 9/5/2013 04:35 AM

My wa is very good at keeping secrets. He's never left a shred of evidence. I just happened to stumble
upon his web history because of his gmail account. I've seen hook up sites in the searches and ow facebook. When I look at the bill it just shows a shitload of data usage but att clumps them together and they all say sent, none recvd........until NOW!! I just went in to see how much data my kids have used since they always go over and thought I'd take a glance at my hubsters usage. Att now shows data not only separated. BUT incoming and outgoing. Finally...I suspected emails since DD but now I know for sure since he doesnt use email with friends or family, just texting so its just for his dirty work. Somebody responds within a minute of his going out, sane pattern as when he was texting ow, back and forth all day. I already knew it but know I really know it. So for you att users, this is so helpful when monitoring ws usage. Oh I forgot, I can also see if the hook up sites that appear on web history with the time searched correspond with email coming in and out. I've been really curious if he was actually talking with these women or just looking.

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Celticlass posted 9/5/2013 10:37 AM

I'm sorry that we all have to turn into crazy, insane monitors of bad behavior. But good for you, figuring this out!

It makes me crazy that technology advances that should make life easier are just making it easier for them to cheat with more people.......yay! Instant gratification

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