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He swears this is spam...I'm struggling to believe it is

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spinningwheel posted 9/5/2013 10:53 AM

Yesterday, I found a voicemail on dh's work phone that he didn't tell me about. He's adamant it's spam and not to him.

Typing the content here, what do you think the chances are this is spam and not really to him?

"Hi, (husband's name), this is Julie from Tracfone, calling to confirm you successfully added airtime to your Tracfone. If you no longer wish to receive messages from Tracfone, call 1-***-***-****. Now with your triple minute benefit you can share your days with friends and family with phone calls and text messaging."

What do you think? Spam? Real? I've never received a spam message like this.

Thanks for your thoughts,

lieshurt posted 9/5/2013 10:57 AM

That doesn't sound like spam to me. That is a confirmation that minutes were successfully added.

lordhasaplan? posted 9/5/2013 10:58 AM

Have him call trac phone in your presence and tell them they are to talk to you about his account. Once he hands you the phone ask if he has an active acct and what the number is, last payments made etc.... Yes, its real. not spam.

OldCow18 posted 9/5/2013 10:59 AM

Ugh, I would have a very hard time believing that was spam. I just googled Tracfone, it's a prepaid cell phone? Is that what he has?

I'd call them and see if you can get any info.

OldCow18 posted 9/5/2013 11:01 AM

Oh yes, Lordhasaplan has a great plan. I would definitely do that. Just make sure you spring it on him so he can't manipulate the situation.

carnelian posted 9/5/2013 11:01 AM

The fact that it's voicemail seems hinky to me, though I suppose it could be some type of scammy spam (ie, call this number - and get charged for the call). Have you done a reverse look-up for the number?

confused615 posted 9/5/2013 11:02 AM

Hmm. Doesn't sound like spam to me.

But..if he had added minutes to a Tracfone,wouldn't they have called THAT phone and left a voicemail on that phone?

^^That is my only question. Otherwise,this doesn't sound like spam at all.

It sounds like he has a Tracfone.

ETA: Just asked my sister..she has a Tracfone..she has gotten calls like that confirming that she had added minutes to her phone. Im so,so sorry,

Start looking for the other everywhere..start with his car..under the spare the lining of his seat covers,under the jack...

Im sorry.

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PamJ posted 9/5/2013 11:03 AM

Not spam, they had his name & # and were confirming an order.

Spam would be general, but I have never gotten a telemarketing call from a phone service like that , and the only ones I do get are with companies we use wanting us to upgrade, like our Centurylink acct (home & office) We get emails & texts to our phones from Verizon if we change anything , we go over our data plan or are due for a new phone. Again, companies we had a relationship with already.

I take it you were not aware of a Tracfone?

I would be tearing apart his car looking for it, if you haven't already.

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spinningwheel posted 9/5/2013 11:14 AM

I called the number in the message. Pre-recorded message that said:

"Thank you for choosing Tracfone. Please listen carefully to the following options: if you would like to buy airtime using a credit card, please press 1 now. For a list of tracfone retailers,press 2. if you no longer wish to receive pre-recorded offers, please press 3." End of message.

He denies having the tracfone so I have no idea what the associated phone number to it is.

I'm scared.

confused615 posted 9/5/2013 11:18 AM

He is lying. he is scared that you are about to find out he took the A underground and he is trying to cover his ass.

Drop it. Put a VAR in his car and wait.

I know..easier said than done.


Josephine01 posted 9/5/2013 11:27 AM

Oh spinningwheel, I am sorry but it sounds like he has a track phone. He has probably gotten rid of it now knowing that you are on to him. Confused had the right idea. I am sooooo sorry.

confused615 posted 9/5/2013 11:30 AM

^^Yes...he may have ditched this phone..but he will get another one..once he thinks you have let this "silly" idea go that he had another phone.

If he has taken the A underground, he isn't going to end it just because he almost got caught. He's just going to get sneakier.

Damn. I hate this shit.


spinningwheel posted 9/5/2013 11:30 AM

is there any way I can find out what the number is?

We reconciled 2 months ago and did the agree-upon polygraph this past Saturday (14 months since formal disclosure and polygraph). He passed with flying colors, although no questions pertaining to a secret phone were asked.

I'm confused and sick to my stomach.

JanaGreen posted 9/5/2013 11:32 AM

Oh shit. Honey I'm so sorry. I think it's exactly what it looks like.

LisaP posted 9/5/2013 11:37 AM

I am so sorry. He is lying. Is he still seeing a CSAT?

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spinningwheel posted 9/5/2013 11:53 AM

Lisa, we both stopped counseling 3 weeks ago for me to attend a support group for wives through the counseling center our therapists run. We couldn't afford both and he's been involved in meetings and a recovery group 4 nights weekly, so the suspension in counseling was acceptable to the CSAT.

donotlietome posted 9/5/2013 11:53 AM

Tell him you called polygraph place and they agreed to let him come back to ask about phone since it was so recent that he took test. See what he has to say then.

spinningwheel posted 9/5/2013 11:58 AM

donotlietome, I did. Either he's being honest or calling my bluff, but he's fine with that. Problem it, the polygraph is $500 and we just spend that this weekend for the polygraph.

I need to find the information about this phone on my own and have no idea where to start. Ugh.

Rebreather posted 9/5/2013 12:02 PM

Did he have a tracphone in the past? The fact that they used his name is what gives me pause.

I would maybe drop it and use a VAR.

shiloe posted 9/5/2013 12:06 PM

Nope. I have had a Tracfone for years. That is not spam, it is for an active account.
Sorry. You need to make him drop his guard now and do some investigation. GPS?

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