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College plans

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TrustedHer posted 9/5/2013 12:18 PM

I know a bunch of you are going back to school or sending your kids off, and I've been reading about some of the pitfalls of the standard 4-year degree, which is often not completed, and saddles you with student loan debt.

In light of that, here's an article for you to consider, about some 2 year degrees that pay off better, with little or no debt, than some (many?) 4 year degrees:

lieshurt posted 9/5/2013 12:29 PM

This is probably what my son will be doing. He absolutely does not want to go to college for 4 years, so we've discussed the 2 year options or a trade school.

Thanks for posting this link.

GabyBaby posted 9/5/2013 12:50 PM

This is definitely an issue that is front and center in my home. Both XWH and I left college with a lot of student loan debt. We don't want our kids to deal with the same.

DD is in her junior year at a 4yr college. She'll be going into the medical field and will need graduate level education as well. So far between her grants and scholarships, her father and I split about $3k in outstanding fees per year (paid in cash, so no loans needed). She's already been told that grad school will be on her dime. She's already looking into ways to fund the rest of her education without incurring huge amounts of debt.

DS is a senior in high school and has special needs to boot. He really really REALLY wants to go to a particular 4yr school about an hour away from home. We're currently trying to steer him toward a community college near the 4yr that he has his eye on. There's a program for special kids that works with this particular community college that will give us a bit more peace of mind in having him attend college away from home. He really wants that same/similar college experience that his big sister had/is having.
As much as we'd LIKE for him to lean toward the two year option/trade school, he's fighting us on it. We'll see how it goes....

Rebreather posted 9/5/2013 12:54 PM

I am incredibly anti-student loan. I have two lawyer friends getting married. Combined, they owe 500,000. Can you? Even? Imagine?

My 17 year old has decided to stay instate and go to college near home. I'm torn. I really like the money savings, but I really wanted her to spread her wings a bit more. In reality, I think she isn't quite ready to do so.
Staying in state for undergrad will allow us to save enough money to pay for her Masters anywhere she chooses to go.

Anyway, interesting article. The college choice is really interesting.

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