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ds former preschool teacher...awesome

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sullymeishadomi posted 9/6/2013 18:51 PM

Having something possitive to say about my life is not a regular occurance but something happened.

Ds is in kindergarten in a new school. Last yr he was in preschool in a public school. I posted here how I feel "Teacher Anne" (her name isnt Anne. Her last name sounds similar to Anne) walks on water. She did something wonderous to my pdd kid who hit on a regular basis. I think she sprinkled special glitter on him and turned him from a problem child to a good kid (hitting still there but on a scale of 1 to 10 it was on a 2)..

Today, I was checking my emails and there was an email from Teacher Anne to my ds. It was sweet saying she missed him and thought he would shine in his new school with his good manners.

Did I say Teacher Anne walks on water?

jo2love posted 9/6/2013 19:07 PM

She sounds awesome!!!

We just ran into DD's teacher from 3yrs ago. The 3 of us had tears and hugged. I wish certain teachers could teach DD every year.

Kajem posted 9/6/2013 22:52 PM

3 of my kids had the same 2nd grade teacher-we still keep in touch. The same goes for a 5th grade teacher.

Some are just to special to leave behind. The encourage my kids to be better people, even years later.


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