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Ptsd or what?

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lost kiki posted 9/8/2013 09:25 AM

So it has been over a year since my Last DD. We have been moving forward working out well so I thought. However I have been feeling very unsafe. So much that i can not sleep in the same room with him, i lock the bedroom door at night. We got into an argument about money and i went into full panic mode. I wake up at night panicked that he has left me. It is all so crazy, because we separated for 2 years to work on ourselves. I was feeling great and confident in my life and the decision i have made. And now My head is spinning and i am not sure which way is up.. Has this happened to anyone..

nowiknow23 posted 9/8/2013 11:28 AM

((((kiki)))) It could be PTSD. It could be you are sensing something that is a valid concern, as well. Are you working with an IC?

Ashland13 posted 9/8/2013 13:12 PM

I'm sorry, Kiki. This happened for myself and for my daughter too. I learned recently that it's still happening on her visits with him and it made me very sad.

Ptsd, the little I understand of it, stems from trauma and the fear that another trauma may be rearing its ugly head at any time...that's some of my interpretation of it.

I've been told that one of the ways to begin healing is to face it.

During R that turned out to be false, I remember having this heightened sense of nerves, so that my skin felt like it was almost on fire or prickly, because I could never know if the next thing I said or did would have him out the door again. Eventually did and my stress/anxiety was that anticipation.

During that time, I would wake up harshly at night too and find my ears straining for sounds of him still in the house. My nightmare came true the night I felt wind come in the room from his leaving the door open to outside...he had gone outside to make his secret phone call plans for the final departure.

My experience with anxiety in general is that it's anticipation of a negative event coming.

I'm sorry that you're going through it...and yes, NIK has a good idea. Counselors can really help and be a safe place to put a voice to your fears.

lost kiki posted 9/8/2013 21:41 PM

Thanks for the reply. Now I know I am not alone. Yes I am in IC. Yes had serious PTSD in the beginning however have not had a panic attack in for ever. SO I am afraid that I will have to begin reliving the things we have put behind us.
So not wanting to get back on the emotional roller coaster again!!

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