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Seriously, bozo?

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StrongerOne posted 9/8/2013 11:53 AM

Tiny rant.

So I mistakenly call one of our pets by the name of a male friend. Total brain fart. My son laughs. My H laughs, then says, Ooo, why are you thinking about Name? I better call Name and ask him what's going on with the two of you.

Yeah, joking about me having an A, very funny. I gave him a look like he had twelve heads. And just walked out.

He did apologize later, after I pointed out WHY that was not funny.


jo2love posted 9/8/2013 13:25 PM


cuppacoffee posted 9/8/2013 14:53 PM

seriously i think they lost their brains while living in skankville.

:hugs: and punch him in the nuts next time.

alphakitte posted 9/8/2013 15:26 PM

:hugs: and punch him in the nuts next time

Is she supposed to give him hugs before, or after, she punches him in the nuts? Don't know why I found that so funny, but I did!

cuppacoffee posted 9/8/2013 15:47 PM

I think hugging him then punching him in the nuts is the right move. If you punch the nuts then hug he might think she's taking back the nut punch.

alphakitte posted 9/8/2013 19:09 PM

see, now, cuppa, you've given me two great laughs today. Thank you!

momoffive posted 9/8/2013 19:11 PM

Cuppa - you made me laugh!

I don't do that near like I used to...

thank you!

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