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Do you have Lifetime channel?

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silentlyscreamin posted 9/8/2013 13:36 PM

Something's Gotta Give is on tonight at 7pm EST and again at 11pm EST. I love this movie because it is renewing faith that you can find a true love at any age, even when unexpected. Maybe I'm a daydreamer but it does help me keep hope that I will see my way out of this affair dysfunction and find love again. I am sure I will be watching it alone here tonight but maybe some of you will be watching it at the same time as me! One day at a time....sigh. I do feel better today as i totally stood up for myself and defended myself and stopped being a doormat. So i will enjoy this movie tonight because I deserve to relax and not think about this affair for at least 3 hours damn it! I hope others do the same!

Jen posted 9/8/2013 13:47 PM

Good movie. I may watch it.

Fridge scene is hilarious ...

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