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For F*ck sake ......

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Jen posted 9/8/2013 17:27 PM

Rommie is driving me crazy. Nothing crazy or dangerous, nothing like that. Nothing sexual, in anyway, there are NO secret fires burning for him by me, and I don't read that from him about me.

However, he reminds me of Xh. Not in a good way. They resemble eachother in height, that is it. They are different in every other way, except how they annoy me.

All those little things in a M that you put up with for so long, thought were so cute in the beginning, ect ect ... Those little things that led to bigger fights ...

They are driving me crazy. Rommie is aloof and completely unaware. To me they seem like simple easy to do things, common sense things.

Like cleaning the dishes. Use the dish soap & scrubbie thing, not warm water and your fingers. I don't have a dishwasher.

When you start laundry finish your laundry. I have finished his laundry more than once so I could do my laundry. My washer smells faintly like mildew.

My house is small, it has very LOW ceilings, tile & hardwood floors. Sound carries. It is not necessary to walk through the house like a neanderthal, at 4am. Closing the doors, cabinets, MICROWAVE does not need to be a show of testosterone.

I realize you are tall. The shower head needs to be adjusted for you. I get that, so I have left it adjusted to hit on the back wall of the shower, I stand almost at said wall to shower. Everytime I get in the shower after him the head has been adjusted further up and now sprays into the far corner of the shower, so when you open the curtain it sprays all over the floor. I have plastic pipes in the walls, they cannot take all the pressure and adjusting, I think I have adjusted it fairly for both of us, more for you.

No I have not said anything to him. I just go behind and redo stuff.

His view on some things have me guessing about a couple things, totally not in an ohhh this guy is so interesting way, but not creepy either. I'm not afraid of him, I'm grossed out, irritated, annoyed and just in awe how aloof he is.

How many times I told when the trash goes out, several. I could ask right now and he would not know. I waited on purpose to see how long it would take him to take the kitchen trash out. He finally did it, yesterday. I think because the next step was placing stuff on the counter, the trash was that full. He did not empty any of the other trash cans in the house though.

His views on dating are HUGE red flags and I wanna tell all these women he is casually dating. Also let them know just how in contact he keeps with several women in his past. A conversation we had one night turned to dating stuff, not us, gag but in general. I just stared at him.

Just struck dumb with the casualness of how he treats this whole dating thing.

OMG .... I was sitting outside smoking ... he came out in shorts no shirt, drenched in sweat, literally still dripping off him. Which sure can be hot, but not for me with him. He is not ugly, stays in shape, but I am ick just ick ... He sits down and starts clipping his toenails, then he clips down this GIANT blister he has on the bottom of his foot. Left all the clippings there swimming in his sweat.

So many of these little annoying things remind me of Xh. The annoying things are different, but the sheer itchy racing I feel is the same. Exasperated, and sooo grrrrr

OMG ... just came out of the bathroom, been in there awhile, did not turn on the exhaust fan, left the door open. I have 1 bathroom. I'm going outside.

gahurts posted 9/8/2013 18:33 PM

Not sure if you signed a contract or kept it month to month. If its month to month, maybe it's time to give him notice, part ways and advertise for a female roommate. If its not working for you, it's not working. You should not have to accept behavior that grosses you out in a small apartment.

If you owned the building and his area was separate but in this case you are on top of each other, figuratively, all the time. If it isn't working for either of you then by all means end it.

Remember BB, It's just business

Pippy posted 9/8/2013 18:42 PM

Thanks for reminding me what I could be in for if I started dating again. I'll stay single, thanks! Seriously!

Jen posted 9/8/2013 19:24 PM

Pippy this could NOT be a better reason why I will stay single. He is FAR to comfy here, to be sharing his bodily functions so openly.

It is month to month. No contract/lease. I did not sign one when I moved in. Renting it from my cousin's wife her parents.

He is on time with the rent, the checks always clear, he is agreeable about the amount, he usually pays 2 months at a time. Generally he just works, goes out wherever for hours or the entire weekend, or he is just holed up in his room.

He does not have a closet in his room. This was clearly stated in the add, and he saw the place before he took it. So he knew in advance. No problems with it. Well about 10 days ago he bought a wardrobe thing to put his clothes in. Had to be assembled. Granted it is just particle board, so it is not what you would call meant to last. He has been working on building that thing for 10 days on and off. He screwed it up and has made at least 3 trips to Lowe's for extra pieces of wood to fix his mistakes and give support. Half assed job, started then not finished, rinse repeat ... He said today on his way to finish it, after a trip to Lowe's, "It is either a piece of shit, or I suck at this stuff"

I just "Hmmmm'ed" so I would not laugh.

Since I last posted and now an old roommate of his stopped by. 2nd time she has been here. I know he is gonna have people come by, fine. Just going to get used to it, not often strange people stop at my house and walk up here. Granted she was not threatening in the least, older women, very nice, but still I was a little on edge.

Anyway, the point of this, she is not what I would call trustworthy(word ?) Her car is totally beat up, clothes are old/dirty and just gives off the vibe of being here for something other than just a visit. Not in a scary way, not in a weird icky way for him. Money.

The first time she came by I sat out on the porch and they were inside, she stayed about 10 minutes and left. Today she stopped by dropped him off a plate of food, and he gave her $20, for what I don't know.

Now I'm going overboard thinking god what if she starts hitting me up for money. Or coming around all time waiting on him. She has a SO, he stayed with them both in their apt. before he deployed this last time. He has been back since May I think and it was a 9mo deployment.

Anyway she is very nice, very kind lady. Has just had a hard life I suspect. For the record there is nothing wrong with the car or her clothes. More than once in my life my car has been less than standard, and by looking at the way I dress you would never guess I had/have any kind of fashion sense. Comfort is what I'm all about, and Wal-Mart clothes suit me just fine, I've had some of my clothes for over 10yrs. That is not what I was judging her on. But combined with the unannounced visit a couple weeks ago, and tonight's $20, I have my suspicions.

I am bitter/cynical/leery of almost everyone and their motives for doing stuff. I have a very hard time believing anyone about almost anything anymore. Honestly it makes no difference to me what you wear/drive that first initial gut reaction I get to you combined with what I can see.

I'm better, just needed to vent so I won't blow a gasket.

Amazonia posted 9/8/2013 20:44 PM

eww, the toenail thing would gross me out.

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