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Millionaire Matchmaker

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damncutekitty posted 9/8/2013 18:59 PM

Has anyone seen the reality show Millionaire Matchmaker? I watched a marathon of this show last weekend. I LOVE this chick. She is so awesome. She actually gives really solid advice with her dating rules. (like a 2 drink maximum on dates and not rushing into having sex), and in one episode she read this 40+ year old guy the riot act for dating girls in their 20s and told him to date women his own age.

It was seriously fascinating.

Nature_Girl posted 9/8/2013 23:52 PM

Back when I could afford cable I watched this quite a bit. I agree with your observations!

BigTeddyPaul posted 9/9/2013 00:58 AM

I used to work at a bed and breakfast in San Luis Obispo. I was working the weekend which was typical and we had a walk-in guest which I recognized but didn't know from where. He was wearing sunglasses so I couldn't quite get a good look at him (I later learned he never took those glasses off). I checked him and his guest into our signature suite.

Later, during our hors d'ouvres hour where the guests drink wine and mingle, he came out and I got to talking to him. The moment you meet him you know he is a little off and after our conversation I figured out it was more than a little. He said things like he invented Donkey from Shrek and before his idea they were thinking about using a goat. I actually know He made other comments about Pixar and the entire time I had to bite my lip because Shrek is a Dreamworks production and not Pixar (I actually know people who work(ed) at Pixar).

So I give Crazy a wide berth and luckily he completely disappeared for Saturday through Tuesday. Since we are a small establishment with a limited number of themed rooms the room that Mr. Man was in was rented for Wednseday which he was aware of. So come Wednesday, my day off so everything hereafter is second hand, the maid knocks on the door to service the room and switch them over to another she is told in a not so polite way to go away. The manager then takes charge, knocks, and informs the guests that the room they were in had been previously rented for that day and we would be happy to move them into another. They then tell my manager, in a not so nice way, to go away. After more refusal to open the cops are called and after a time when the cops are insisting that charges could be filled they finally open the door.

Inside is nothing but used food containers and general trash. Apparently they sneaked out the back way each day and partied like rockstars (as much as one can in that area). They collected their things and created a general disturbance but did leave. When the maid was cleaning she found needles specifically and other white powder so the cops were called again if they had any interest which they said no.

A few days later I was talking to a peer who worked at one of the the larger, well known establishments, and asked if they met Mr. Man to which her eyes popped out of her head and she screamed, "YES!" She then goes into her own little story where he essentially pulled the same experience over there. The only difference is that security escorted them out and not the cops.

So to tie in this wonderful story...a few weeks later I was watching Millionaire Matchmaker at work on our little 9 inch hidden under the main desk because it can get awfully slow and there is Mr. Man. I call my boss over, who always mocked me for watching such garbage, and she just started laughing.

I then googled the guy and it is your classic rich kid inheritance story. Trust fund kid who can spend a million dollars a week and not notice so he never works and has fun. I met thousands of people working there from all ranges of backgrounds but he fit every generalization possible.

CallMeRed1 posted 9/9/2013 05:45 AM

I love this show. I'm in the UK and they are showing it on daytime TV so I record it and watch it when I have the time.

I also totally recommend the book Patti Stanger wrote called "Become Your Own Matchmaker" which I've recently read.

She speaks a LOT of sense.

SBB posted 9/9/2013 06:01 AM

It is my guilty pleasure too. I don't think I'd admit it IRL though as I have a fundamental issue with the very purpose of the show.

If I was a Millionaire I would absolutely NOT date someone who joined a dating site looking for millionaire's.

Some of the advice is sound and from her self proclaimed success rate she does seem to have a 'sense' for what people need vs what they think they want.

Some of it seems... manipulative. Giving advice about how to hide certain aspects of yourself has always kind of bothered me. I do tend to not fly my freak flag straight of the bat but it is visible for all to see, just not waved about. I don't know how you can hide these things for very long anyway (unless you are NPD and/or the X).

Have you seen the film "Stitch" with Will Smith? There's a great part in it where the impossibly beautiful 'target' is telling him off for manipulating her feelings by getting his client to dance like a deranged lunatic and bring out his puffer because that is what she does - he says something like "OMG - PLEASE tell me he did NOT, I told him NOT to do those things!!". Then they live happily ever after because their flaws are impossibly matched.

I am a fan from a guilty-pleasure-trashy-TV perspective even though it does make me cringe.

[This message edited by StrongButBroken at 7:16 AM, September 9th (Monday)]

CallMeRed1 posted 9/9/2013 07:14 AM

I agree it is totally trash TV.

The advice is useful if you use it selectively. There's more detail in the book but I agree with you about not being fake. I couldn't do that even if I tried.

I find the interesting bits the differences between the males and females from a psychology perspective.

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