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Babies, babies, babies

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tired girl posted 9/8/2013 19:55 PM

So in the past month, I have gotten a new puppy. A rottie named Luger.

More importantly, Hlessons and I have become technically new grandparents, sort of. I say this because my middle son started dating a girl that was four months pregnant, not his of course. Bio dad was not on the scene at all. My son decided he really liked this girl a lot and decided to stick around, surprised all of us. But this girl is a pretty cool kid. So we have been around for most of her pregnancy, seen all of the ultrasounds, went to the baby shower, and I got to hold little girl 30 mins after she was born. My son is hooked, he is pretty into the baby, and mama. And well so are we.

So here they both are.


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tired girl posted 9/8/2013 19:57 PM


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tired girl posted 9/8/2013 19:59 PM


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lieshurt posted 9/8/2013 20:08 PM

Soooo much cuteness!!!!

I just love the look on Luger's face.

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Sad in AZ posted 9/8/2013 20:09 PM


MovingUpward posted 9/8/2013 20:14 PM

very cute

tired girl posted 9/8/2013 20:16 PM

She is a pretty awesome little baby

Clarrissa posted 9/8/2013 20:19 PM

Have to say little girl is adorable. And it feels wonderful to hold a bitty one especially when yours are all grown up. As a side note, as someone who crochets, I like the blanket.

And Luger seems a bit confused as to what, exactly, you're looking at.

jrc1963 posted 9/8/2013 20:33 PM

Awwww both baby and doggie are adorable!

girlsbird posted 9/8/2013 21:06 PM


BrokenRoad posted 9/8/2013 21:10 PM

cute babies, of course, but also, really nice story.

nowiknow23 posted 9/9/2013 09:06 AM

jo2love posted 9/9/2013 09:59 AM

So much cuteness!

LosferWords posted 9/9/2013 10:02 AM

That's so cool. Adorable baby and adorable puppy. Thanks for sharing the pics!

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tired girl posted 9/9/2013 10:37 AM

Thanks guys BR and Losfer we think it is pretty cool too.

Rebreather posted 9/9/2013 12:25 PM

Congrats on both, human and fur!

What a sweet story about your ds. It will be interesting to see how that shakes out.

JanaGreen posted 9/9/2013 14:22 PM

Oh the puppy is so sweet! I love when they look at you with their heads tilted. It's irresistible!

But the baby - oh, that baby. She is beautiful. That first picture, in the blanket? I want her!

MissesJai posted 9/9/2013 14:52 PM


tired girl posted 9/17/2013 13:48 PM

For my bday I got to spend it with my kids and see the new baby. Our son acts like it is his first new one, it is pretty cute

JanaGreen posted 9/17/2013 13:56 PM

Your son is smitten with that baby. It's written all over his face.

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