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Yes I'm seeking help

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ebmovingon posted 9/8/2013 21:28 PM

So yes I do seek counseling. Yes I do try to surround myself with positive people. Yes I live a positive life. Yes I focus on my mental and physical health. So I'm doing all the right things. But just recently (like hours ago) I was blown away.

I would call over to the place where my cheating ex stays with my kids. My middle child's voice is on the answering machine. I heard it before but I never paid close attention because he would mumble. But tonight I listened carefully and I heard

"You reached the <her maiden> residence...."

(When living together we never had a voice mail message)
I've always heard rumors that my teens were saying they've changed their last name but I thought the mother would have the decency to talk to them.

To add to it. The school year has started and we have logins to check our children's grades. All 3 of them. So I sent my ex the form to fill out to get the new login. I've always had the login. So I emailed her several times asking has she received it yet. Never got a response. So after hearing the distrubing answering machine I called and asked did she receive the login?
Her response was "I did"

So I then say can I have it?

Her response was "<our 16 year old daughter> does not want me to have it"

WOW!!!! Just stripping Dad away

Yes, my only recourse is legal. But man I wouldn't think people would act this way. How naive was I. I heard and read about it. But for some reason I never thought it was real. Now I see.

gonnabe2016 posted 9/8/2013 22:16 PM

my only recourse is legal.

I don't see it that way.
Do you have shared legal custody of your kids?
Your 16 yr old child doesn't get to *restrict* your access to her school shit (unless perhaps she's emancipated, which I'm getting the feeling isn't the case)....and your X using the child as an excuse to not give you the information is inexcusable.

Why can't you just call up the school and request the login information for yourself? Or explain that you and your X are not on good terms and ask for your own login?

You don't have to just roll over and play dead on this one.

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